I saw these little cute designs on a site my sister was looking at and looked up the recipie for home made dough, my first batch has been coloured shaped and now they’re drying.. apparently it takes 48 hours to dry and then you need to varnish them, but they look really cool, i mean the kind of things i wear in metal and glass, just they’re candy coloured at the moment, they’re too cute though, so i might start selling ornaments and cute things i’ve made on ebay..

If they’re strong and they look and handle well then they’ll be up soon, but we’ll see how they go!

The Recipie:
1 cup of good quality table salt.
2 cups of good quality flour M&S will work.
1 cup of water*
1 tsp Oil

*( i find adding 3/4’s works and then  sprinkle extra on as i’m working if i need it)
Also, if your adding colour use a dash more flour to keep it dry, if the mixture is too wet you can’t design things with it.

The first few dough things i made were without oil, but they started to crack, so from now on i use oil, depending on how dry the mix is i add 1-2 tea spoons, they’ve been brilliant.

I found some Kebab skewers and moulded some dough around them and pinned them to the washing line, they partially dried in around 15 mins, then i slid them off and popped them in the oven, if you put them straight in the oven they won’t lie flat and it won’t stay in a spiral shape.
Try and use house hold objects to get nice prints and shapes.
Dry them in the oven on a low heat ( anything under 75 Degree’s is perfect) for 3-4 hours. ( yes i know, you have to have patience)… OR alternatively you can air dry them for 48 hours, remember to dry both sides!
Then paint and varnish if you like, make sure they’re properly dry and lightly coat them with varnish, then wait till the varnish is dry ( 1-1 1/2 hours) then paint another coat of varnish just to make sure they’re strong.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..