It’s been 3-Months already. The time has really flown by. It took me back to realise I hadn’t updated the website since November! So much has changed since October, and prior to that, July. 

In August I decided that I was going to really dedicate my time to freelance writing. Make the most of the blog. And try to create an income so I could justify working from home (AKA ‘faffing’ about on my laptop all day) by earning a reasonable income from it. By the end of September, I was earning around part-time job wage from various sources.

For the most part, I went from a ‘blogger’ working 16 hour days, most days, to a Marketing Manager, Website Co-Ordinator come Brand Manager – And It’s been amazing. It still is amazing! For those of you who don’t know, I always struggled to find a job/workplace that I felt was ‘me’.

It may sound silly to some ‘A job is just a job’. But to me, a Job is part of who you are. 

Considering you spend half of your day at work and half asleep, I’d bet if you’re not happy at work. You’re not happy generally. Those irritatingly happy people? Those are people who are happy with their work, so yeah I’d say your work is an extremely important part of who you are. I have found that my work has become something I look forward to. 

-End of Backstory. Sorry, I drone sometimes..

I’ve become the person who gets’s excited to see data. Peaks on a chart. I AM A MEDIA MARKETER.

Earned data that I have achieved. As a media marketer I take data from customers and re-create what inspired them to fall in love with our products so that other customers are able to do the same.I’ve always heard that marketers are ‘bad guys’ or they’re the boring ones in the office but creating a passion for a product and wanting to share that with customers can’t ever be a bad thing – right? To see sales reports go up and to hear customers praise our adverts/promotions and our website warms my heart.

Making customers happy is my new high. In a completely cool – non-boring way.

As someone who failed English – Twice. It’s astounding to me (and to some family members) that I’m now a fairly established writer who uses language to earn an income. Ah look how great I am. Sorry, this is a post about what YOU can achieve.

“Believe in your greatness. Because what you believe is what you become.” ― Udai Yadla

Doubting in your own capabilities is only ever a hindrance.

Sell yourself on who you want to become and you can convince the world who you already are. If you work full time, set aside an hour a night to plan for your weekends and by the time the weekend rolls around you have the whole day to produce the work you have planned.  I told myself for six years I was a ‘blogger’ and never achieved anything. I told everyone else around me I was a writer, published E-book author and media manager and I became those things.

The past six months have been eye-opening for me. I have changed my financial status. My job and my understanding of money.


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Amy-May Hunt

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