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So, I put it out there to all the UK bloggers.

 “What’s the worst thing you’ve bought 
in the strive to be body-confident?

to get some great responses so we can give you a good laugh on a Friday night.

So, The feature for this week was based on body confidence, I’ll be doing this weekly, so post a comment and we’ll respond as soon as possible with the answers to your question.
Here are our top answers!

I am an apple shape, so even though I’m not fat I have fat on my stomach which I hate so much! I once paid for cryolipo after seeing it on Groupon. It was around £50, and involved me sitting in a chair with my belly out before it literally got sucked into this freeze cold vice grip machine. It hurt at first, but then kind of numbed from the cold. I sat there for half an hour trying not to move, and when it got taken off my stomach was literally blue and just mushy from being squeezed tightly for so long! Needless to say, it didn’t work and I was left with a bruise for two weeks. My boyfriend still makes fun of me now for being so stupid!
I always buy jeans in the smallest size in the hope that it will give me some inspiration to fit in them and because in my head I’m still the same size I was when I was 18. I usually end nights where I wear them by having to pop open the top button or with a nasty red ring around my belly where they’ve been far too tight!
Amy-May Fitness blog
I bought an Ab roller (you know, the ball thing with handles on either side) in 2006 and didn’t know how to use it. Who does?! So, It slid forward right out of my control and I instantly went belly and face first on the floor where I hit my nose and CRACK and it bled for 10 minutes! Needless to say I found it a loving, not-so loving home.(I gave it to my sister)

Linda Hobbis Parent Blog
The worst thing I bought was a pair of control pants which were the size of boxer shorts and had a control panel across the tummy.  I bought them to wear underneath a full length cocktail frock for a corporate dinner with my bosses.  After one course of a three course meal I felt so constricted and sick, I had to go to the Ladies and take them off, stuffing them in my clutch bag.  The relief was amazing.  I vowed to stick to my collection of exercise DVDs from then on.

Ellahttps://hellaturnup.wordpress.comBeauty Blog

When I was 17 I was just really getting into the world of longer term hair removal because I was sick (and still am) of shaving. After countless days of research I decided to buy an epilator – costing over £100 might I add – and was very happy with this purchase. Then I used it. THE PAIN! Never again. That thing swiftly got given to a pal and was never seen/heard of/spoke of again. And FYI, I now wax.

Faz Beauty Blog
A few years ago I desperately wanted to be in shape for my holiday to Singapore. I spent an obscene amount of money on a pair of just released Reebok Tone Trainers and a fancy corset bra. I tried both on once and instead of being motivated I decided my feet looked like bricks and I did not have the abs to pull off such a bra. Needless to say both have been banished to the back of the wardrobe and I invested in much cheaper, but nicer, pink Nike trainers and sensible bras! You don’t need to spend big bucks to get fit!

Vanessa Holburn Personal blog
I recently bought some strange foam inserts that are supposed to give your hair extra volume. I thought they’d help at a ’60’s disco I was going to – to give me the ‘bouffant’ look. I think they cost about £8 for the set of 3 (one goes centre, the 2 other on either side of your head). I can’t get on with them; whatever I do you can clearly see them poking through my hair, I can’t get the 2 side ones on symmetrically and the main one makes my head look square. Hairdressing FAIL!


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  2. Oh I’m so sorry Amy what a horrible thing to have to go through! I’m so glad your dad is ok and I hope he makes a speedy recovery! It’s almost miraculous that someone can almost walk away from such a big accident!

  3. That must have been such a scare to you, the phone call alone, but seeing the actual accident would automatically make you think the worst. It is amazing how people walk out of some of these. Am so glad your Dad is ok, and hope he makes a speedy recovery x

    • Completely amazing, I’m shocked he’s gotten off so lightly. He was back in hospital today with complications due to a chest infection.. but he’s hanging on 🙂 x

  4. Oh darling, I’m so sorry. Your poor father! Also, it’s not selfish at all to say how traumatic it was for you at all – never ever think that! I’m sending lots of well wishes and positive vibes your way.

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