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A Story of a young girl who feels the need to find out who she is, where she came from and where her future is going to take her. The story takes place mostly on a university campus.There are alot of twists and turns along her long path to finding out, such as finding love, losing love and gaining new friends and other things.

Romance – Fantasy – Horror
1600 words so far.
Sarah: The Girl Who Knew Too Much.

Chapter 1

She rose suddenly, without a second thought Allison Green had reached for her oversized college bag and was out of the double study room doors.Her heart was pounding so loudly she couldn’t hear anything except for her feet pounding on the cold floor. She stormed through the corridors, dragging her bag along the floors and hitting the lower lockers.
 Mr. Phillips lessons infuriated her, the heated debates with him increased with intellectual quotations and notions. She only fought with him, purely because he was an intellectual equal to her, opposed to the dim-witted knuckle scrapers of her age. She felt she had the right to voice her opinions in his class, and he felt her opinions were wrong, always He was a Mid-Twenties Medical student turned Biology Teacher, ‘he obviously couldn’t cut it’ Allison had once told a friend of hers, He had dark black hair with a flash of grey to his right side, almost like a highlight, he was beautiful, his toned arms covered by a shirt and jacket but were clearly visible to people paying attention, Mainly the girls but the young guys looked up to him too,to achieve his body and wit, he was their goal physique.
Every time she ever went to the toilet in between lessons it was just her and her friend, one stood outside the others door to hold the others bags and to lean their foot on the wobbly door, since the slider locks were poorly installed. Claire’s best friend Sarah Bryant was a portrait of beauty, dark haired and Italian-Goddess looking. Her sea blue eyes with sparks of green brought life to her natural face, Which meant she never needed to wear makeup her dark brown hair fell to her waist and framed her face body, everything seemed so effortless with Sarah. Yet Claire, well, she was different, the two friends were mirrors of each others in some respects, they liked art and technology. They liked the same kinds of guys and their body types were almost the same, but Claire carried a bit more weight on her. Sarah’s dark hair and skin with beach body, and Claire was mousey haired and green-eyed she felt second best to her best friend but never was envious or showed it, since they were almost like sisters, Then there was alison, Curvacious and creative they like to call her, she was chubby by no means, but liked to ‘flaunt’ her assets, Making her own clothes and altering the plunging necklines meant attention was focused on her at all times, Goth girl gone slut, you might say, her dark clothes and illuminous jewllery made her stand out from the average day student at their school.
  Claire Ellis Walked into the Chem-Clean toilets during the lesson (as she’d skipped “Design Technology” ) and she saw Mr. Collins patrolling the halls looking for Students who weren’t where they were supposed to be. She pulled out a black Marker and went into her cubical at the end of the toilet block. Silence… She dropped her jacket and bag on the floor, The white paint of the Ceilings and sinks and walls outside the cubical were really blinding and the neon lighting made sure no shadows were cast. It was almost too bright, Not a speck of dust, but the cubicles were the polar opposite of this, graffiti everywhere.

  Claire was looking around her small cubical realising how much she was going to miss this college, she’d spent 8 years around the college and only made a few close friends, but they were the best. Sarah, her closest friend she’d know for years now, but they were going to college together in the fall so she’d have some one familiar with her there. She was disrupted from her thoughts from the * Drip-Drop* dripping of a leaky sink she hadn’t noticed on the way in. She made a faint mumble, then looked suspiciously around forgetting she was the only inhabitant of the over sized toilet block it was the size of a small lecture hall, but only should have had two cubicles instead of the 28 it did have, since no girls ever used it.

Claire giggled to herself thinking about the childish things they had gotten up to in the 8 years they’d grown up together, she looked around the gratified cubical, still holding the black marker, her and Sarah had written almost all the graffiti on their, and Claire leant up to a space and wrote “ Skipping Class, Priceless.. Collins you need to do your job better!”  She saw all the multicoloured writing and responses from other students “Chrissie hearts James”   “Phillips is a hottie”  “James is a Sex God” .

  Claire was disturbed from reading this childish vandalism they had started…The leaky sink had stopped at it was silent, no footsteps, no light buzzing, nothing, Emptiness like a vacuum of space. Claire was a paranoid girl any way but alone in the toilets on the other side of the college was definitely not the best place for her to be. A cold sweat swept over her and a sickening motion waved through her stomach to form a lump in her throat, she looked in all corners of her cubical, she didn’t know what she was hoping to find but it helped her some how, she was suddenly thinking of a baby deer leaping through trees.

  She shook the fear off of her, she laughed and turned to flush the toilet, the whirling sound went off and she again turned to pick up her bag and leave, but instead of a clean cubical with bag and coat too, There was a hand. A Cold white skinny hand. It reached for her coat from under the cubical, silently and quickly it grabbed her coat, Claire froze, the hand was dirty and not feminine at all, No girls had entered into the toilets, no girls had left the toilets. She had a sudden wave of realisation of the feeble locks and thin screws holding the Paper thin walls and doors , she knew that one kick, even a weak kick, would knock the cubical down and she would be confronted with who ever was on the other side, or what ever. She was NOT okay with that.

The anticipation that was in her had to find out what or whom, it built and built over the ten minuets she was frozen there, she stayed still, like a dear in head lights, staring at the corner of her cubical. Praying to not see the hand again, praying it had left her, Hoping it wouldn’t return. Ten minuets in that cold dirty toilet block felt like a life time, until she heard the steady thumping of girls a few minuets away in the college building, a click. The Toilet block doors were opened, they must have been locked from the inside, how was that possible? Unless it was still In there with her… a group of post pubescent teenage girls came in re-applying makeup and adjusting their hair as Claire burst past them, running straight for the exit.

She told her friends about what had happened and they all hugged her and showed her the affection she knew that were capable of but inside she knew they only partly believed her out of pity, they didn’t really believe it had happened, and if it did.. So what?
It wasn’t a threat no one was hurt.

Alison ran over to Sarah and Claire, boiling with anger, until she saw Claire’s face, she immediately calmed down “What’s wrong bear?”  The pet name of Claire Ellis had stuck with her since 3rd grade when her parents picked her up and her dad had shouted “Claire bear” After seeing her come home from camp one year, and holding out her care bear companion.
She loved those teddies, she was such a shy little girl growing up her mousey brown hair was blonde at that point and in the late 80’s children had their hair pretty much on the side of their heads, her parents being in their 40’s as she was growing up never knew the fashion. So it was difficult growing up, not having the trendy shoes or fashionable clothes, but Claire made it and was better off for it.


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