Relax Its christmas

Day six of the Blogmas/Insta-mas! Happy Sunday..Finally, a day of rest from the Christmas madness, or another day of hustling through the waves of people trying to get the biggest bargain.

But, Alas..

It’s Christmas! 

Hack #6 Relax, It’s Christmas. Staying relaxed in the most stressful time of year…

Tea, lots and lots of tea..This time of year is by far the most stressful, decorations, sweets, warm clothes, paying for the central heating not to mention trying to hang your clothes around the house because you can’t afford to run the dryer all night!…

But, I have some tips to de-stress.

Staying organised is the easiest way to stay relaxed, there’s nothing for you to worry about, you’ve sorted it all, right?

Eat a healthy diet! I know, how cliche’ but..well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress, so be mindful of what you eat.

Try some yoga! Light exercise (or any for that matter) is proven to boost endorphins and the metabolism, so your muscles relax and you can focus on yourself. So, get to practising your breathing techniques.

How about a walk? Just like yoga walking brings the endorphins up and walking around nature relaxes the ‘inner’ caveman in us.

Light up those Yankee candles. Candles really are great stress relievers, the relaxing scents of ginger cinnamon and lavender, though not at the same time, are proven to reduce stress levels.

And like I said at the start, drink tea! Studies have found that black tea helps with cortisone levels, that help aid de-stressing!

Listen to music! Though, jingle bells might not be top of your playlist at the moment..studies show that listening to slow paced relaxing music can do just that.. relax you!

Get some sleep! A good nights sleep is one of the best ways to boost your happy hormones and help you wake up cheerful and ready to wrap 30 presents with only two weeks left, oops..

So you could run a hot bath, after a nice walk in the park.. light some candles and play some music whilst sipping on tea. You’ll be the most relaxed person in the world..

What do you do to de-stress?
See you tomorrow… I’m off for a walk!
 Merry Christmas!


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