Ugh I know.. It sounds impossible, The kids are off school, the heating is flaring up and all you’ve heard is Frozen on a loop in the front room for the past 4 hours..
That’s how you know..

It’s Christmas! 

So I think you can understand why I’m doing this hack, It might sound obvious to be positive around Christmas time but it’s harder than you think, especially with the drama unfolding around you.. the stress of presents, money worries and incoming family for the ‘Big Day’. This goes along side the “staying stress free for the festive season”

Hack #nine How to be positive..
Even when you’re not. Remember, this is a one time a year thing and as much as you can’t think it right now, you really love your family and friends. Yup, they’re your friends for a reason, you love them! So even if they want to march through the crowded markets to get a bargain, you’ll go with them!

Focus on you.
Whilst everything is going awry, remember that it’s not your job to make everyone happy. You can try your best, but so should they. So just focus on what makes you happy.
Trust things are going to work out, your family will turn up with the accompaniments to the big dinner, they will be courteous and kind in your home.
Be adaptable
If someone forgets something, so what. It’s just one day, change your plans and laugh it off. Being adaptable means knowing what can go wrong and having the courage to be ok with it.
Be patient.
Or at least pretend to be patient, sometimes things don’t cook as quickly or bob hasn’t turned up yet, or the kids are running riot, it’s a happy day so don’t stress about it just breathe.
Be positive, even when you’re not positive.
With all the things that can go wrong, you have your family, your living and breathing and having a good time so be positive, even if you don’t feel like it. Sometimes it makes you feel better to just smile!

Think about what’s going wrong.. then think;
 What is one thing that is positive or good about this situation?
 What is one opportunity within this situation?

You’ll soon realise how small the issue is, yes it sometimes takes time to calm down if it really is a dreadful situation, but if it involves someone else put yourselves in their shoes;
Why did they do that?
Were they trying to upset you?
Did you misunderstand?
Has something happened to them?

So, Stop focusing on the stress and focus on the great things..Christmas comes and goes but arguments and stress can linger.

 Merry Christmas!


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