I  really wanted to elaborate on my post from yesterday, as It seemed really negative and it shouldn’t because…

It’s Christmas! 

Now, yesterday seemed like I was saying “you will get fat over Christmas” but what I meant to say that if you do, that’s ok… and I really meant to give you the choice of options so you don’t feel pressured when you make the choice of what you want to do over the Christmas period.

If you do want to eat the traditional foods then do it! Christmas is only once a year, and with yesterday’s post preparing you for the weight gain, you can go and treat yourself…

However… if you do want to be healthier, then holidays shouldn’t hinder your hard work. Work around the Christmas season and make it your ultimate challenge “If I can stay healthy over Christmas I can do it all year”

What Christmas means to me

Hack #5 Fighting Against Fatmas. So if you are planning on fighting through the season then here are my top tips;


    • Make sure you have the right foods in your house so you’re prepared.If you ever feel like you need the sugar rush, you’ll have the food on hands and you won’t grab out for the mince pies” I’ve given you better alternative for your Christmasy sugar cravings but you have to put them in place.
    • Keep your exercise up, even in the cold weather! Exercise boosts the endorphins and metabolism, keeping your fat burning machine running and your sugar cravings down. It should help keep you on track, reminding you how determined you are to complete Fitmas.
    • Keep your dinners normal, until Christmas day. Most people start the season early by introducing casserole style foods and starchy accompaniments.Don’t! These are the foods that slow you down and make you feel sluggish, leaving you prone to less activity and more calorie gain.
    • Make sure you have a tonne of new and exciting recipes to follow, to replace your traditional meat n roast veg dinner why not supplement it with hearty and healthy meals.
    • Make sure you know what you’ll be doing, stay organised (follow day 4), are you following a diet? Do you have a workout routine? A schedule? Have you signed up for a gym membership or bought new trainers ready?
    • Bring in something new and exciting, new healthy meal plans!
Instagram picture day 5
“Life is a beautiful ride”
  • Most importantly, Don’t be disheartened. Let yourself enjoy Christmas, be positive.. it happens once a year and it’s a time to spend on yourself. So, if you do put on weight..well you have all year!


I hope all of my hacks are helping making the festive season nicer for you and your waistline!
Sending the festive love to you,




 Merry Christmas!


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