Constant and permanent growth of a blog or website is essential. Not only to the health of a blog but to your sanity!

200 Followers perk week is a great achievement and for me, it’s 20% of my followers! So I gained 20% of my total twitter followers in one week.
Caring for a blog is a lot like caring for a family, keeping things fun and engaging but staying constant with your schedule and rules. That’s the best way to encourage the growth of a blog but, how do you grow your twitter?

That was something I had been struggling with since January 2016. Having opened a twitter account a year previously but unable to really use it (or unwilling to fail) . I suppose out of fear of ‘saying the wrong thing’ or upsetting PR and brands with my sarcastic tone and sometimes erratic mood swings. January was a fresh start a positive step forward for me.

I was set to make a change.

The next step of my positive start was to grow the channel, I had the accounts but they had no followers. I was set on building my following and by March I had these stats. I will write up a full blog report next week so look out for that! Still, no love for twitter and by march and I was struggling to tweet just once a week.

Last month (October) I was determined to get at least 100 followers a month, it doesn’t sound like a lot but I had been on 300 followers for months! Only gaining 5-10 a week! so I set about researching and testing things out.

100 followers a week!

I had found out a lot in October and within the first week of November, I had gotten to 900 followers. The next week I had gotten up to 1000 and the week after that? 1,200. That’s 100 followers everyweek. It is flexible and as with most things, there are ups and downs. Some weeks it was 170 and some it was just 103 but the instability shows that you are building real relationships. Building growth in big numbers is a lot riskier but staying active and engaged keeps the numbers steady and helps weed out those ‘follow backs’. At 100 followers a week I will (or hope to) get to 2,000 by Christmas time.

Here’s how I built 100 followers a week.

Like any good thing, you have to start off as you mean to go on. Set out a plan. I’ve been using a diary and weekly planner for the past 5 weeks and my blog has grown by a third since then.Planning shows a commitment to your work, to yourself. Not only that, I’ve been more productive in my personal life and my bank is a lot healthier too!

An organised life is a happy life.


These are always a big hitter. Everyone wants a freebie so you can collect a big following but can risk an unengaged audience. If of course, you enjoy hosting giveaways then do them. You’ll have to do them regularly to keep your new audience in engaged so pick a regular day for them. You can host a twitter giveaway direct from twitter or via your blog. Remember followers like easy entrants but it also means people who may not be interested in your interests too.

A RT & Follow giveaway will always bring larger numbers but they may also leave once the giveaway is over. A blog giveaway attached to your twitter will help boost website stats but will have fewer entries, but more people will enter who really want it.

To keep the entrants interested in your account you have to tease them with follow-up giveaways. Keep them around for the next few weeks until your next giveaway comes and grow your numbers without dropping after each giveaway ends. * I have been doing monthly giveaways so check those out before you leave!

Stay active, Stay social

Whether it means taking photos and updating regularly, interacting with your followers & people you follower or sharing things and RT other people. Being active doesn’t mean living on your phone but it means to get involved in other peoples lives and hopefully, they will get involved with yours.

Being an active member on twitter opens the door to new followers, they can see you on their feeds more frequently and know you’re there for new information. Offering them something may not otherwise have seen.holding-hands-couples-workout-strengthens


If you’re looking at your twitter as a platform to boost your websites stats it’s worth spending the money on this platofmr and getting a scheduler such as buffer or hootsuit. I have recently purchased buffers awesome plan to go with my November blog growth prediction ( You can read about my blog’s growth next week). For the meantime let’s talk about why scheduling is so important.

Being your own brand or promoting yourself on twitter is important all day round. Whether it means replying to a tweet or pushing your message out across twitter all day. Scheduling offers you the freedom to come away from social media and still look active and engaged.

Don’t ‘like for like’

Same goes for ‘follow for follow’. Be careful, building your following means being friendly but also keep an eye on how many followers you have, are they of interest to you or are you just liking them back?

You may notice ghost followers, you’ll have people liking your pages or following you for a day. Make conversation with them and see if they want to actively hold conversation with you. If not, they may just be hoping you’ll follow them back.

Just like if you really like it 

try not to like things to show that you’ve read it, I do it all the time. It’s a habit of being on facebook I think. However, you have a like section in twitter and it shows what your interests are. Like things if you like them. It let’s the poster of that tweet know that you may have similar interests. Perhaps they may follow you or, if they already do, they might like something of yours to show appreciation.

Use hashtags properly

Hashtags are super important for finding people with similar interests so using hashtags properly is very important. Here’s how to do it;

  • # Popular trends with relevant content
  • # Differently each time. #Foodporn is great but why not try #foodshare ever so often too!
  • #Tv you’re watching or current events and engage with other #’s you’re interested in.

Be funny

My top posts are typically silly pictures of my feet or funny viral videos. Social media is often a place to let your hair down. Send silly selfies and make your sense of humour known. A lot of social bonding is done over light humour, whether it be silly cat videos or taking the mick out of the way Mary Berry say’s ‘moist’ – people love to laugh. Humour is the way to go but, be careful with your audience. Keep your sense of humour work appropriate!

Next week I’ll be publishing my new blog stats so you can see the growth (Slow until the past 2 months)

Amy-May Hunt

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