I don’t quite know why I felt this feeling whilst running in a muddy forest trying my best not to land face first in a multitude of puddles and dog muck but I did feel it and I’m so glad I experienced it.


No, I’m not preaching to you, trying to guilt trip you into signing up, I just want you to understand what an amazing feeling it is to do something that’s good for your health whilst doing something for a cause other than yourself.
When I raced, it was pouring with rain and the clouds were thick and heavy, but I went it, alone.

That feeling of being alone meant I had time to think, of who I’m racing for; 

   Myself, my nan, my aunt, my uncle, brother, father, friends… the women behind me, the women along side of me. They don’t know me and I don’t know them, yet I’m here in the rain and mud I’m doing this alone, all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with emotion, they’re out here racing for me too.

The women who got up and ran in the pouring rain and mud were saving my life and the lives of those around me. Selfless. 

I ran under the canopy of trees, up sloped muddy hills and through it all, it rained and not just British rain. This was more of an incentive to finish for me, if I can do this in the rain I can do this.

The glint of the clouds peered through the heavy trees above my head and the rain poured through the dense leaves, pushing through to show flashes of clouds.
It felt like the sky was breaking through the leaves to say “I’m breaking boundaries, so can you” it was an amazing experience and I pushed as hard as I could to get to the finish line.

27 minutes, which smashed my 38 mins last year. 
I have never felt so good about myself. 

Other than the pain in my hips and my inability to sit down or walk down stairs, it was an amazing day.

All the information on race for life

So the race sign up was 6 months before at a reduced price or from January sign up, from £20 per adult down to £12! Remember it’s all for charity so don’t worry about it! 
You then get regular updates about making a funding page to help you raise money for your race day.They’re well organised! Three weeks before race day I had my package come with my race number and all the information you could want on what’s going to happen


Adult entry (16+ women-only) – £14.99
Child entry (6-15 girls and boys under 13) – £10.00
Under 6 entry (boys and girls) – free and no registration needed
This covers the cost of organising and running your event on the day. It does not contribute towards your sponsorship total, so please try and raise as much as you can to help Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

The course

The Sutton Coldfield course takes a scenic route through the very popular Sutton Park with a mixture of terrain including woodland paths and grassed areas. There are some flat and hilly areas within the course.

Meeting point

The meeting point is the Jamboree Statue in the park’s main event arena.

On the day

This is a day for all so why not bring your friends and family along to support you. There will be some activities such as face painting, spectator cheering point merchandise and refreshments on site so don’t forget your change! Sutton Park has some resident cows that roam the park, so please be aware of this on the day.


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