I’m an insanic, through and through…

I have done workouts for years, well.. 2 and 8 months to be exact…reviewing dvd’s and making my own workout plans.
NEVER, have I felt this before, my sweat dripping (literally) down my face and lips so dry and my whole body tastes of salt, everytime I bite my lip through exhaustion, all I taste is salt. I’m exhausted and at the same time I’m energetic, I’m crying, out of happyness! Feeling my body change, through these new experiences, it’s changing me every single day..

Corny, I know but this is the thing I want most in the world. FITNESS. To be healthy… To be able to walk up the stairs and not be winded!


Shaun T is above and beyond, the way he speaks and motivates throughout his videos.. he gives you the inner strength to push yourself past the boundaries you never knew you’d put up.
My body has changed within 3 weeks and it has changed from just okay to muscley, not horrendous but just..enough to make me feel confident in myself.

I’ve still got 40 days left and i’m so excited for the rest of them.
It is a strange feeling waking up and hating that i’m going to put myself through this intense workout, and at the same time knowing how happy it’s going to make me when i’ve finished.

Fitness instructing personal goals.
I have for the last few months really wanted to be in the fitness sector, but doing insanity has shown me i CAN do it, i can go out and get results.So yes, i’m going to do it, i’m ringing up tomorrow around fitness centers to get my foot through that door, and with my strength i’m going to knock it down and make the room my own, the world is my gym and I am going to make people happier.

I have always asked my family to workout with me and since insanities results have shown through me, people have been asking ME for advice. What should I be lifting? , what should I be eating?, what muscles should I work to build my arms and chest and not my abs? I’m OVERJOYED.

this is my life and i’m going to make the most of it, YOLO? Yes, so pick up weights and get yourself fit.

I am currently looking into Higher Education fitness courses for september, I need to take time out to educate myself in fitness.


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