They’re fruity and natural! I mean, what more can you want? If you’re looking for a sugary health drink…

As someone who is fairly relaxed with their healthy diet I do enjoy having the odd fizzy drink or sweet snack.

Typically, I eat whole foods 5-7 days a week and have 2 days where, if I want to, I can eat what I like. Most of the time I don’t indulge in treats but this was one such occasion.

After attending the bloggers Halloween event. I had tried a berry cola that was in a goodie bag set up by the hosts of the event.They had managed to nab some great brands to donate to the event and it just so happens that Juicy Cola had donated a tonne of cans to the collection. I was elated, finally there is a ‘fizzy’ drink that wasn’t

I was elated, finally there is a ‘fizzy’ drink that wasn’t filled with sugar and chemicals but still tasted good! The drink’s website boasts of;

 No preservatives,No e-numbers,No added sugar,No added sweeteners.

Which to any diet is a win-win attribute. Cutting out sugars and chemicals are always the first thing I tell any respective clients or readers so the brand is scoring a point straight away!

It’s one of your 5 a day – Seriously. It really is.

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend drinking your fruit everyday due to the low fiber and increased blood sugar levels, I do think that having a something as a treat once a week or even once every few days (permitting) is fine. If you look after your body and after your diet then it’s up to you what you do with it. Clearly adding sugar to your diet, even natural ones, must be done with a limit in mind. Another thing to mention is how much sugar is in this little can. I eventually contacted the company who sent me some information Read below!

Read below!juicy-fuel-cola


It wasn’t long before I had the family sipping this sugary healthy drink and giving me their thoughts on it. I enjoy roping in someone ‘normal’ to talk about my health products so they can offer a true-insight into this sugary health drink.

Here are my partner and my mum’s thoughts;

Cola; It doesn’t taste like cola – Its like a cheap rola cola. I like it but it’s just not the same.

I explained to him that it’s not cola at all, it’s a fruit drink mixed to taste similar to cola and he agreed ‘if someone can’t stop drinking coke and they want a better alternative then it’s great’ but as someone who wants to drink a cola, it’s not the same. ( he missed the point slightly but it’s a good evaluation)

Cherry; It tastes like cherry cola but there’s an extra sweetness to it, like a grape juice like a nice version of one of in the cans in asa? ( I think she means this drink)

The drink she compared it with is actually very similar, it’s a grape juice drink that’s fizzy. It was also a staple of my childhood. As you may or may not know, I was a big lass growing up and that drink probably had a big say in it. You see, the difference is it’s filled with 40.2g of sugar. I think having a better alternative like…Juicey Fuel Cola is a much better replacement!

The sugary health drink

Being the detective I am I went through other bloggers reviews and no one else mentioned the sugar content in their reviews. It made me wonder why? I mean I hadn’t considered the sugar in it either. I was really happy that this is a great alternative to cola (and other juice alternatives) but in the face of all honesty, the amount of natural sugar in this can is astonishing!juicynutritionalinformation-vs-coke sugary health drink

A cola has a horrendous 26g of sugar in 250ml – the standard size.

The information on coke seems to be conflicting it ranges from 26g per can- 32grams. This, taken into consideration with the guidelines of how much sugar you should intake.

The average person should consume no more than 30g of sugar per day, which is easily done if you eat fruit and vegetables regularly. Makes coke seem a bit, evil. Doesn’t it?

This natural alternative, Juicy Fuel Cola has 28.5 grams of sugar in it! Albeit it’s a natural alternative I’m really shocked. That’s;

  • 3 bananas,
  • 1 cup of blackberries, 1 cup of raspberries and a banana,
  • 1 cup of strawberries and 1 mango,
  • 28.5 cups rhubarb.
  • 4 Kiwis,

There’s a reason there are such strict guidelines on sugar, it’s because it’s so detrimental to our health.

You can find out what sugar does to the body here and why I don’t advocate drinking your sugar intake. There are a tonne of things that add up to 28.5 grams of sugar that you can have instead of this sugary health drink. Yes, it tastes lovely but as a someone who wants to advocate health I really can’t reccorecommend drink at all. It’s a great add on to the soda market but it’s not a great alternative.





*I was sent 6 cans so I could write up the review, take photos and let my family try them. I really enjoyed them so my review is, as always, my own opinions.

Amy-May Hunt

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