Ever the annoying girl..

I must’ve spent my entire childhood annoying the hell out of my family, I knew I was annoying but it just didn’t phase me. I think children just take the word ‘annoying’ to be something that we all are but, no. I was above and beyond, always asking questions and always filling silences ( I still do that).


Noone likes silence, do they? For me, the thought of noone speaking for an extended period of time makes me so anxious. Do we not have anything in common, am I not fun enough to talk to? These are just a few things to note about silence what about forced silence, you know, when you have to pay respect to war heros and incidents. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about supporting loss but my brain just will not cooperate.

I get bored easily, so when I’m in my minutes silence my brain does this… “Ok, so we have a whole minute to ourselves..”

0-10: I’m going to count it up, 1…2…3…4..5…6…7…8…9..10 only 5 more of these to go.
I wonder what the familes are thinking right now? Do they know that we’re all doing this? Are they happy or sad about it?

20: Gosh, it’s only been 20 seconds *looks around*.
Everyone looks so serious, I mean..I know, it’s serious but wow.
I wonder how many people are farting right now.
JEEZE AMY, have some respect.

But what about all of the farts?
But what about all of the farts?

Giggles inwardly about the farts,
Why is standing silently so hard? UGH

30: only 30 seconds? I don’t think I’m going to make it.
Realises how over dramatic and immature I am, tries to stifle back a smile.
Is anyone else smiling, *slowly glances around*
I bet they want to, I bet they’re thinking the same thing as me..
Wait, what are they thinking about? I bet they’re just thinking about dinner, boring.
*watches people sway* ..why do people sway when they stand? It’s only a minute, they can’t be tired already.

45: seconds, wow time’s flown!
Ugh, my legs are tired. I was wrong.

55: Back to normality, I wish we did more of these silent stnadings, it’s nice to see everyone freeze frame.


I’m not alone am I? Tell me you think this too?

Standing in silence is just so stressful for me, I end up just rambling for the sake of it, leading people to think i’m stupid or just really annoying. I’m not I’m just a stress head, silence is awful and it’s not human. We developed for thousands-millions of years to be able to speak. Why the hell would we choose to be silent? (other than to pay respect). If you’re with me, at any point, don’t nod and smile during conversation and just say “yeah” it’s too hard for me to make conversation from that! Surely that’s the thing though? Conversation is a two way thing, so maybe they just don’t want to talk to me.. but that’s not the case, I’m far too interesting for that!

Let me know, what are your ‘go-to’ conversation starters?

Never silent. Always annoying,


Amy-May Hunt

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