3rd month, yes i’m not doing FANTASTICLY, but i’m doing pretty well for someone who loses a pound and then gains 3, i’ve never stuck to a diet and never stuck to an excersize plan, so lets see…
Okay, this month i was in my relationship, that was flagging, we were strugglin’ and so was i, i had flu and he had operations on his eye, it was difficult.

March 16th: for 2 weeks at the start of the month i was at 9st 11- for a whole week i was 9st 10 and for 2 days i went down to 9st8.. then came march 21st…

March 21st Monday:

Eating: around 1800 calories a day. Drinking: 2 pints of water a day.
Weight: 140lbs. (10st)
R-Arm: 12″


 March 31st Thursday:

I have no information on my measurements as i stopped writing them down, and i stopped watching my food, i got so depressed around this time, it was my ‘bad’ week, i started throwing up half of my meals, i’d drink water before i ate and after so it came up easier and when i got to the second lot of water i knew it was all out of my system. I did this for a week, until i thought it was a habit, and i needed to stop. I finally stopped after reading it didn’t help with weight loss, you digest 65% of the calories within 5 mins of the food entering your body.

March Total: 
Weight lost: -4 lbs
Inches:5.8 ( Guess)

New Years Total: 
Weight Lost: 18lbs (1.4 st)
Inches Lost: 9.6
Deffinately a difficult month, i went away to an all you can eat place, i drank alot of alcohol, i started a new relationship and its always a struggle to be around booze/boyfriends.


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