If you have me on twitter, you’ll know I’m an avid collector of new workouts, whether it be from new dvds or youtube videos… or just mixing up my own routeen..

Did you know that the body has muscle memory?

If you repeat similar workouts the body has less and less progress over a long period over time.
Meaning.. you should update your and mix up your routine every few days, which is why body builders workout specific parts of the body on different days.

Here are my new favourites

Firstly, I do have a full playlist for each category, just click the titles, but these are my favourites of each.
I do these on a regular basis in between my Insanity workouts,
well let’s get into my routine first;

Sundays I do a 5-10 mile jog and do an ab and arm workout, eating carbohydrates.
Mondays I usually do a full body low-intensity workout (Kickboxing or insanity core cardio and balance), Eating Paleo
Tuesdays I usually do an insanity recovery or a strength workout (Kim K’s butt workout, Intense abs included), Eating Paleo
Wednesdays I do a 5-10 mile jog and eat Paleo.
Thursdays I go hard and do a max insanity workout (plyometrics, interval training or cardio conditioning), Eating carbohydrates
Fridays I usually do a full body low intesity workout (Kickboxing or insanity core cardio and balance), Eating Paleo
Saturdays I do another insanity recovery or a strength workout, Eating Carbohydrates.

Full body workout:

On my non-insanity non-jog days I take it easy (somewhat)..
By working up a sweat and working out all of those muscles, for me this felt very leg based, I like to mix it up with extra arms and abs videos.

By Fitness Blender.

Abdominal workout:


Exactly what it say’s on the tin.
This is the most intense ab routine I have ever done, after 8 minutes I was shaking, after 15 I have to stop! Whilst the presenter stays calm and cool I’m sweating and shaking.

It really targets the low abdominals and gives you a full stretch throughout your core, I do this at least once a week and can feel it for a few days after.

By Psyche Truth

Lower Body workouts:

The title says Kim Kardashian, don’t be fooled this isn’t as simple as you’d expect! Just like the intense ab workout, this one leaves you shaking on the warm up! I do a lot of glute building, because ..well, you know. This one is by far the best glute building workout I have, it’s easily a must-have workout.
By XHIT Daily

I’ll keep you updated on any new workouts I find.. keep yourself updated with my playlists and my channels on twitter and youtube!

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