Raking it in… sort of.

I’ve recently been posting completely random videos for my own amusement really… but, they’re actually making money. I honestly have no idea how, they’re badly lit, badly edited and there’s no sound?? Yet my ad sense account has money in it, and it sure as hell isn’t from this blog.

Things to remember are: 

People go on YouTube to find;

  • Relaxation
  • Advice
  • Tutorials
  • people like themselves
So when creating a video keep those things in mind.. who’re you making it for? Is it helpful? Will they want to share that with others? Are you doing this for a job? Is it unique?

How i did it.

I’ve made about 36p from this blog in the past few years since no-one clicks the ads.. but that was fine by me, until i made £3.79 in one month from just having a rubbish video on you tube, it requires;

  • No maintenance
  • 1 Hour to create
  • No sound
  • No lighting
  • No research
  • 1 hour to edit
  • 10 seconds to upload.

where as this blog takes around 6 hours to create a post that gets 46-100 views and only 2p a year, and i have to create new posts constantly…
I do most of my videos for me or my close family so i use my phone mostly and don’t care about quality, BIG MISTAKE. If i focused more on what others would like i’d have a following..
You want repeat viewers that know what you produce..
You want people that will want to keep finding out more..

so from now on, i might venture into the world of you tube more pro-actively and post on here to give you guys some information on current events.

I’m making a food video every week now, even if they’re random foods they’ll be healthy and great ideas!! 🙂

Writing is in my heart, but money is in my life… 

My videos 🙂 

– Personal note.

I’ve had 3 interviews this week, college is going well, they’re trying to put me on a higher course as i’m advanced for the group, i’m also working part time in a lovely local primary school, i’m doing really well.. plus, my brothers back from his world trip! 🙂


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..