My fitness pal is an online diary for eating and exericse. Enter your workouts and food intake and it’ll do the hard work for you. Letting you know how much fat, sugar and carbohydrate you’re eating – and the calories!

Can going on-line daily be a help or a hindrance?

All in all I honestly think my fitness pal is a bit of a hindrance, the only help it gives is if you go onto the forums and ask and answer questions. On-line communities are great, as long as you’re getting positive comments or at least constructive criticism, never trust the judgement of others purely, trust in yourself too.

Pros:   Cons:
             Group forum                                          Room for negative feedback.
Daily diary(keeps you focused)           It’s a chore to log on and update daily.
  helps you focus on what you’re consuming       Can de-motivate when you don’t hit your target.
                        It’s free!                                but,it stops you from focusing on exercise.

Daily diaries : Daily don’ts!

The daily diaries are great…just don’t fill out the hourly long diaries and get put down by the calorie goals, they are inaccurate and mostly unnecessary. You know what you’re putting in your mouth, and if you don’t its because you’re mindlessly eating. I think this website encourages midless eating basically. You eat something and try make it less sugar and fat then you already have. Also – I would try to eat ‘up to’ the 1,500 calorie mark instead of stopping when I was full.

Make set meals and meal times.

On average I eat 1800-2300 a day, made up of protein carbohydrates and a fair bit of sugar, the chart on my fitness pal wants me to eat 1500 a day of fats and proteins, reak barely enough to keep me going WITHOUT exercise.

 The food diaries and calorie help is precise though, I’ve been working with calorie counting diets and routines for 4 years now and can estimate calories in foods fairy easily, fitness pal got my daily intake to 1 calorie! Brilliant if you’re a beginner.

Exercise breaks down: Break up!

 The exercise diary is made up of only two categories, cardiovascular and strength.
Which we all know is difficult to track when we’re doing mixed workouts, most workouts are high cardiovascular with body weight strength training combined throughout so it makes the workout break down difficult to the total. Did you 10 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of strength or..?
I have to put in random workouts to make up the calories i know I’ve burned off during the day. Each workout consists of cardiovascular power squats and jumping push-ups and oblique twists, what category do they have? Exactly!
So, ditch this tool and use your head, workout for 30-40 minutes 5+ times a week and you’ll achieve your goal.

see you later!

*My fitness pal was updated in 2017 to include a macro tracker which I now use quite regularly. Here’s an updated post on the macro tracker.






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