It’s detox season, so most of you will probably just throw your old habits out of the window in exchange for a quick fix (I despair) I know most people are just trying their best but there are so many other ways.

Happy Detox Month.

(Oh..and New Year, Of course. )

Every year most of us decide to make a change for the better..or at least we hope they’re for the better, but.. Do we really need to make changes? What if we already have a good plan in place?

I think new year and new years resolutions can generate a lot of pressure on health and weight loss, particularly in those who feel guilty about being over indulgent at Christmas (me!). I honestly think this pressure is a great thing! Now, before you think I’m going a bit koo-koo, I’ll tell you why new years pressure is so good…

✘  New years gives you a reason to examine your diet, throughout the year you generally just eat what you want and pray you look good for summer. New years is a time for reflecting on yourself, have you eaten the right foods and looked after yourself? No, now’s the time to sort it out!

✘  New years resolutions offer a ‘safe reason to diet’. Most people will be picking up healthy habits and ‘negative’ comments will be few and far between, offering a safe haven for people to create a healthy eating plan.

✘  We’re bombarded with more information then we can handle, but it’s brilliant! There are new plans & Challenges from twitter,facebook, new diet plans in the tv breaks and weightloss dvd’s are being thrown at you from all angles. Take advantage!
With new years weightloss you can get discounts galore, gym memberships 50% off, Trainers and gym wear in winter sales and you can’t move for free advice on the internet!

So yes, we might feel pressured over new years to lose weight and get fit, but it’s not all bad…it can sometimes wake us up a bit and get us on the right track.

Use your new years resolutions to assess what you want to change about yourself, nothing is set in stone, you don’t need a new diet plan and workout routine ever year. If it works for you, keep doing it.. If you want a change then use all the free advice that new years is giving out to you..and put it to good use..especially the Nike sale, definitely put that to good use.

Remember, yes there are fancy new diets and shakes to try, but eating properly and moving regularly is better than splashing the cash on fancy new marketing.
For me? I’ll be creating a semi-new me. My new years resolutions are;
To continue with Paleo but be more organised;
last year I was new to paleo and I’d eaten paleo frequently, but also binged when I wasn’t on paleo (because I could). This year I want to give myself set days to eat Paleo and set days to just be good. One day a month I can have a ‘fast food’ item; fish and chips or a takeaway, but not to excess!
To focus on my qualification but also to stay happy;
I originally took the teaching qualification because it’s the only thing I enjoyed doing.. until I found food & yes, I will qualify but I want to explore the world of personal training and nutritional advice. It’s what makes me happy and teaching isn’t going anywhere..
To work hard and save up to move out;
I always say, being happy makes for a healthy mind and body but being a student has kept me at home and kept me miserable. It’s no one fault, we’re adults all crammed under one roof with different lifestyles, it’s bound to be hard.
To know when to step away when things get hard:
I often push myself until breaking point and either can’t continue or fail whilst re-attempting things. This year I want to take a step back and really assess things before rushing in.

Do you have any new new-years resolutions? I’d love to know!
Just as a heads up, I have a 30-day workout challenge coming out.

I was planning on releasing it before new years but honestly I wanted the extra day off, I know, lazy me! The workout plan is beginners to moderate and perfect to start the year off and get yourself back en-route to your health pre-festive self. I’ve put on 3lbs of fat and lost 2lbs of muscle so I’ll definitely be going along with this one. Starting 4th of January but you can get your guide today.

Maybe I put on more then 3lbs.. (oh dear!)

I can’t sign off without letting you know about my new years party, It was 50’s inspired and organised by my eccentrically happy aunt, ugh she’s such a lovely woman!! Every year she organises a family event at her house, whether that be a summer bash or a new years night in. This year it was non-mandatory,but sort of mandatory.. 50’s style costumes, in my element with this one.

The house had 50’s pictures all over and there was a stack of 50’s music to jive and slow dance to. My aunts had prepared an assortment of buffet food and there was booze on tap,even home brewed wine. I’m no conassuire but from a wine standpoint, it just gets better and better every year!

Past Midnight and still asking for booze! Naughty!!

I don’t know how she finds the time to arrange everything and get glammed up too, she had a lovely black evening dress on, sorry no pictures!

I decided just 2 weeks before to wear an formal fling dress, american style. I popped some curls in my hair and put on some bright lippy. Thomas wanted to be peaky blinders but didn’t sort anything until new years eve where we rushed around the sales to buy a suit. I found a tweed waist coat and trousers and some formal shoes for a bargain, he shaved his head and popped a vintage pocket watch in his pocket. So bloody annoying, I spend weeks sorting something and he gets away with an hours worth of work..damn it! but..

Best dressed If I do say so myself, I mean, he looked brilliant. Don’t let him know though, he’s ego mightn’t take it.



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  1. Sorry to hear about this sweet, it’s always so devastating to lose a pet, especially one you have been so close to. In my eyes it’s always worse when a dog goes because they are such part of the family. I’ve always grown up with dogs and cats and have had my fair share of pet bereavement, so I know how you feel. It’s totally not selfish to want them back, or to wish that they were still here. In time the pain will stop and it will turn to joy that you had such a special little character to share your life with. If you need a chat you know where I am <3

    • Thank you Alyssia, It really is worse with dogs. I lost a rabbit when I was 18, just woke up and he was stiff and that was a real shock but I was only upset for about 20 mins! With my dog, It physically hurts my chest think about him.

      I saw a magpie in the garden this morning (same colours as max) god! It broke my heart!

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