No Laces, no trouble right?

Look at this beautiful rainbow!

That’s what the creator of hickies want everyone to know…

Running is not my passion, it is something I learned to love whilst wanting to lose weight. Over the years it became routine and over that time routine turned into love.

but no, I don’t love running. I love what running allows me to do, have free time. See nature and just be out of the house being healthy. I love being active but walking around in a muddy park didn’t feel right, running around a muddy park however, that feels the best. It might sound silly but it’s nostalgic in a way I never really experienced. I’m one of five so running as fast as I could was never really an option, the whole family can’t keep up so you stay at everyone else’s pace.

Not anymore!

Running allows me to be free, I can’t stress that enough. So when Hickies contacted me about sending over some of their products I couldn’t say no. I had heard of them through social media many months back and thought what an ingenious product, re-lacing my shoes pre-run is a big issue, getting the right tightness and comfort is important when long-distant running.

You don’t want to lose pace by having to stop to alter your shoes. These laces enable you to run,walk or train without ever having to unlace a lace again. They’re stretchy enough to allow room for your foot to bend and move and tight enough for you to have comfort in your own trainers. I tried these laces out in so many different ways…

as you can see! 

Initiall y I was disappointed that I couldn’t get them to look right, I wanted them to look smooth and sleek and athletic but they just laid flat and looked a bit lifeless. 

Cross laced - no no
Cross laced – no no

Until, I contacted Hickies again and they sent over this nifty diagram. It explains that you can lace up any style of shoe in different ways to get the best fit for your foot or for your style of shoe. My issue was vertical laces, so I found the diagram for me and fixed it!

They’re gorgeous laces so I wanted to add them to everything! My addiction to pretty designs didn’t sit well with putting them into a shoe, as they bobbled up, or on a jacket because, well… it looks silly. But, they definitely suited my trainers once I had the technique down properly.

My old Nikes with my old laces!

After that I was off! I put them in several of my old and battered trainers to get the feel of these and honestly, I really love them! I first heard about these as a fitness product but let me quickly say these can be for children who struggle with laces or elderly people who can trouble with dexterity. My nephew and mother love the pairs I gave to them!

I was, as you know, sceptical at first but they really sold me after my first-hour run. They’re around  It’s all about lacing them properly!

*I may seem negative in this recording, I may seem too positive in my written work but in truth there’s a relatively equal balance to both sides. I enjoy the feeling of hickies, at first they were a tad too tight adn I wish they looked better but they do the job they’re meant to and that’s what important.

What do you reckon? 


Amy-May Hunt

3 comments on “No laces shoe laces – hickies”

  1. What a great idea! I am not a runner myself (well done you for being so motivated) however I do use my trainers for walking and they often are too tight when I tie them, these seem to give you more flexibility. I would definitely but the rainbow colour ones!


    • Thank you Em! I love these for walking too, like you said it’s the flexibility in the shoe that improves your activities. I’ve really enjoyed them for both running and walking!

      Have run on your travels, Amy!

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