Inspirational day! I’m not much of a baker or chef so I’ll leave it up to these amazing Pinterest articles to put my point across, healthy cooking doesn’t have to mean expensive, time consuming or inedible, in my case


All of these Paleo-recipes are easy, tasty and they aren’t trying to hard…What I mean by that is you could give this to a stubborn child (or husband) who won’t eat their veg and they wouldn’t miss the junk foodie tast that they’re used to. These foods are subtle, tasty and healthy!.
First on the list & my personal favourite from Everyday Maven
Who doesn’t love a pie? It just had to be on the list and for me it had to come up tops because it’s so easy and tastes just like a classic chicken pie!

Definately a winner in my books!

Beautiful wraps from 101 cookbook

These beautiful omlete wraps are an essential for quick snacks on the go (mine don’t turn out as pretty) but to replace bread with eggs is just great, brilliant for kids and adults.

Sweet n spicy chili from tastesoflizzy

I eat chilli every week so this had to be on here but also I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like chili and a healthy paleo chilli? Can’t say no to it!

Chicken and Bacon Crockpot from peace love and low carb
Nuff said, homely and warming and carb free so non of the sluggish feeling normally associated with hearty dinners.

Spag bol’ healthy gorgeous spag bol’ from thelondoner
A healthy version of the classic, it’s one of the most popular meals in the UK and probably a few other countries over the world,Italy’s probably up there too.

Sexy Stir fry from Justataste
Stir-fry is a staple in my kitchen so here’s a simple recipe to change your stir-fries forever,grab your leftovers!

Shrimp and Avocado rolls from my invisible crown.
This one is just a bit of a tease really, it’s so alarmingly beautiful you won’t stop to think about how healthy they are.Probably not an every day lunch idea but maybe something to perk up your Saturday afternoon?



Super quick post, I just wanted to share some inspiration, the more you know the more you’ll try and be able to adjust to ‘pure’ whole and healthy eating! 🙂



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