Fat shaming has been around for decades, so has thin-shaming, but people don’t even notice

 ‘health’ shaming..
I’ve written so many articles on my personal battle with eating healthily and countless articles include my family and close friends asking “why I don’t eat ‘normally’?” like that’s a bad thing to eat differently to those around me? I eat meat, vegetables, fruit and the odd bit of rice and pasta. The normal diet on average consists of processed carbohydrates, refined sugars and saturated fats. So, Since when has being normal been a good thing?
For me personally…
When I’m thin I’m told I’m anorexic,
When I’m muscular I’m told I’m disgusting and manly
When I’m a normal weight they ask “how come you’re not more ‘toned’ if you’re into fitness?” we can’t win.

What negative remarks have you had?

So, I put the question out there to UK bloggers, some are fitness representatives, others are just normal people doing their daily jobs who get hassled with negativity. We had so many responses to this, it’s disheartening to think that people are using health as a negative against someone’s personal choices, but what’s can people be saying that’s negative to a healthy person?

I lost over 4 stone last year and went from a Size 18 to a Size 8. No pills, no shakes, no exercise – just good, healthy eating. As such, I also got the, “You don’t want to lose any more weight” comments. Losing weight does NOT need to be hard, nor do you need to cut out all the things you love. Check out my ‘About’ page for more information on ‘my take’ on losing weight.

“people describe my kids as ‘fussy’ because they don’t eat junk food”…”I make a nutricious freshly-made lunch sometimes with veg/fruit from my own garden”

– People are often too lazy/busy to prepare foods for their children and bully others that do, because they’re guilty of feeding their kids junk food.

I get really cross when people describe my kids as ‘fussy’ because they don’t eat junk food like McD’s, chips and nuggets! They often have packed lunch too, not because they are fussy and I am some kind of anti-government rebel, but because the free school lunch, while free and not taking my time in the evening, is not as nutritious as a freshly-made lunch I prepare (sometimes with veg/fruit from my own garden!). I blog (health & fitness) at www.AHappyHealthyMummy.com

I’m on the larger side and I often here; “Why don’t you eat more of that more often”. “Why don’t you diet/exercise more?” . I excercise three-five times a week, work in a very active job which entails running up and down stairs and eat healthier than most people I know, only occasionally enjoying a meal out/cake/chocolate and always cooking from scratch to avoid unnecessary sugars. Just because I’m overweight does not mean I am not trying/active/fit.

“Why do you want to lose weight, you’re already skinny. Stop being stupid” Since when was skinny a goal? Since when did we allow others to voice their opinions on our own health?
I’m an apple shape so even though I’m not particularly overweight, I’ve got a spare tyre that I’m really self conscious off. A comment I often get is “Why do you want to lose weight, you’re already skinny. Stop being stupid” and basically acting as if I’m attention seeking when in reality, I just want to be happy with myself – I dress really well so you can’t tell I’m carrying excess weight but I care more about how I feel about myself naked than how you see me in clothes!

“You’re too skinny”, “you’re not eating enough?”. I think a lot of slim women, trainers and professionals get this too, this is mostly down to misunderstanding of a ‘healthy’ and ‘strong’ body, with health comes lower fat. Ribs show on some women.
I think the worst comments I get are from family members. The obligatory “you’re too skinny”, “you’re not eating enough?”. The worst one came from my auntie when I put a progress picture up, feeling rather proud of myself and she said I didn’t look nice, she could see my ribs and I need to eat more. What she called ribs was merely definition, just made me feel awful about myself.

“As a vegetarian i am constantly asked if i am eating healthy enough” – most vegetarians are eating a variety of foods to keep their diet interesting, this guides how many nutrients are going into their bodies, they’re healthier then most carnivores I know!

Definitely agree with the “you’re skinny enough” stuff, when I’ve put on a stone since starting a new job it doesn’t feel like a compliment! Plus as a vegetarian I am CONSTANTLY asked if I am eating healthy enough, told my food must be boring, and being asked why I follow that diet with a tone of contempt.

“I adore exercising..and often get people looking on saying I’m obsessed with exercise”
– Personally I’ve had this before, exercise releases endorphins! If you enjoy it then do it!

I’m slim and adore exercising. I also don’t avoid any food as a dietitian and I often get people looking on saying I’m obsessed with exercise or they wonder what a dietitian eats.http://www.runjumpscrap.com

“I find it very difficult to accept my body as I feel that he is secretly judging me”
– I think everyone has felt this at some point, its doubt in yourself..completely understandable. Some people don’t enjoy exercise, just show support in a partner that does.

Having a boyfriend who is personal trainer I find it very difficult to accept my body as I feel that he is secretly judging me, wishing I would go to the gym more and enjoy actually working out. I’m a lifestyle and beauty blogger. cerysmai.wordpress.com.

“You don’t need to you’re so skinny” I’m a medium and a happy size 12!” People often put in their advice on your body but you’re eating healthily and you’re happy!

I naturally eat healthily with a junk day once or twice a week and people say “You don’t need to you’re so skinny!” a) I’m not, I’m a medium and happy size 12. b) I genuinely salads and beans and fruit and soy and miso etc. c) I’m less bloated and tired because of it. It’s like they think I’ve got body dysmorphic disorder where I’m obsessing over non-existent fat!

There is no set weight onwanting to become fitter and healthier…you don’t get to comment” – I love this comment as It really shows emotion in wanting to be healthy no matter what size you are.

Because I’m slim I get ‘you don’t even need to go to the gym’, from a lot of people. Firstly, I didn’t know there was a set weight on wanting to become fitter/healthier. Secondly, you don’t get to see underneath the clothes after two children so you don’t get to comment. UNKNOWN BLOG.


A lot of slim, healthy women are all being told that they’re doing something wrong and being unhealthy for being healthy. If we stopped looking at shaming others and becoming happier and healthier in ourselves we wouldn’t have to deal with this self-judging and worry.Because..No matter what we do to our bodies there will always be someone to criticise us for our choices we make to our bodies and whilst it may be hard to ignore them,it is something we have to do remember.

A toned woman makes the choice to workout and she works hard to look like that, she has put in the commitment to herself and 
that is beautiful.
A Larger woman whether she eats healthily and works out, or is naturally curvaceous, who are we to assume anything of her diet and exercise?
A thin woman who is naturally thin? 
Who sets the standard on healthy? we do. Yet we judge.


Fat shaming has had its day, but now it’s time for ‘Fit Shaming’ and we need to put a stop to it.#StopFitShaming. Everyone in all shapes and sizes is beautiful, as long as you’re happy and truely healthy (mind and body!) then why should be ever want to be “normal?”.


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