Hey guys, 
 So, I’ve been really knuckling down and trying to focus on what i love, as always.I need a job desperately, but i want to do something i can be successful in and to be successful for me it’s either by working hard or working in a job i love.

  • I have set up a job in an office (Very small so i can practically run it within a year).
  • I have set up a sports course level 2 ( part time or full time and its only 300 pounds!) 

But, both start in September,EEK!

The next 2 months are going to be the final push for me to decide what i want to do, do i want to be a robot and work in an office but get the money i need to start a life with the person i love? OR do i work hard to complete a qualification i may never get to use but would love to have?
I think i have set my mind on the money, i could always use the money from the office job to buy an online sports course. I know i can run an office and i will do it well, within a year i will show them what i can do and hopefully get a raise, enough so i can afford to spend money on things i love.
So, i decided whilst I’m here waiting for September to roll around, i shall share my foodie greatness and healthy tips with you by..writing an E-Book.  


I have honestly put some though into this, and I’ve always wanted to open a bakery that sells healthy food and sinful food.

In my bakery want to share the recipes with each item you buy, 
you’ll go out of business i hear you cry!.

I won’t include the bakery recipes, just great ones in the E-Books.

Writting an E-book for kindle is completely free, the fee’s are taken out of the 30% they take on commission. For me that’s completely fine, i just want to have something published that guides people down the path i love to walk.

I found a great guide to E-booking online by Amy Lynn Andrews who speaks about her personal journey in writing an E-book, it spurred me on to start. I will finish but it will be perfect.
Here are a few great E-Book guides if you’re interested:
Wiki How: E-Books
Write to done

So get writting, get fit.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..