If you’ve been following my personal posts from the beginning ( probably not many of you), then you’ll know i’ve never had a passion for anything except for exercise.

I know, i haven’t posted personal post in such a long time ( except for my race for life post), these are the posts i love to share. They’re thought provoking and really get my blood pumping to write down everything i can do with these subjects.

  I had an in depth discussion the other day with my older brother ‘ what do you want to do when you’re older’, this is the question we pest children with constantly. Now, children change their mind on a weekly basis and so did i, well, i still do….

I wanted to be a vet, a nurse, a policeman, a forensic scientist, a marine biologist, a journalist, a youtube blogger (ha), a freelance artist, a full time gardener.

Honestly, the list really does go on and that’s because i’m passionate about all of these things, I can’t just settle with having one passion and doing that every

                                                      Jack of all trades master of non.

 I don’t know what i want to do for a career and i don’t know how to become passionate about a career i’m not too interested in.

” so why don’t you go into fitness?” The words no one had ever said, and i’d never thought of, all it took was a jobcentre advisor to do their job and listen to me. It’s just shy of 3 years this year that i began my journey from this….
to this… I’m healthier, happier and in love. What more could i want? … A JOB.

I’m desperate to get back to work and have a 9-5. I want to train. No one dreams of working a till in a shop, do they? but it pays the bills. Well i want more for myself i want to help people better themselves and become strong.I want to make you the best you can be, I already have a lot of knowledge in this, so why not?

I’ve applied for fitness courses, so this is the first step on the path but i’m so excited to be taking this at it feels like the path i want to be walking down.

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