Here’s the FULL collection of all the sweet healthy and paleo recipes I’ve ever had the pleasure of making. I try to balance out my recipes but paleo has been the one remainder, I love it and hope you will too. 
They’re all ‘low-fat’ because they’re healthy,not because they’re lacking anything other than the best flavours!
I try my best to be non-biased in all diets and lifestyles so I try my best to keep a good range of healthy products and diet plans to give you the choice and information for you to choose the right plan for you. Not sure what the right diet plan for you is? Want to find out?


*The Alternative Ice Cream Store
A Dairy-Free alternative for delicious Ice cream.
 Updated regularly, I have a sweet tooth!

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This site was created to give extra information on your personal health and fitness choices and hopefully explain things in an easier and more motivational way, to kick start your healthy lifestyle.



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