I’ve not done one of these before.. as I’m still fairly new to talking online about myself. My other site is all about advice (Purelyamy) so I don’t necessarily talk about myself. Which is why I made this site, sometimes I need to just vent.

A lot has happened to me this month, including my father’s accident and starting this new blog but along with that there have also been a lot of new opportunities through the blog which I’m going to share with you.

New bloggers

This month I’ve really put myself out on twitter and interacted with what ever took my fancy. It’s been the most productive thing I’ve done this far..

People have found me and I’ve found them..bloggers from bristol, London and Birmingham (big-up the Birmingham bloggers group) there have been several attempts to make a small blogging community for just Birmingham bloggers but as there are so few of us it makes it hard to keep it up and running.

So far so good though, we have several meet-ups planned over the next few months.

Offers, Emails & Events

Like I said, this month I’ve been inundated with emails from companies who want me to work for free, but along with those emails I’ve also had a few offers of paid work  but the most important thing I’ve had this month..

The thing that really keeps me going…are positive comments. 

This week:

I received a comment from my uncle who said..

“Amy you truly are a word smith, you have expressed so eloquently how we all feel or will feel sometime in our lives. Your words give strength to us all when we find ourselves in one of these moments. Thank you”

He’s finally been granted permenant leave from work, for personal health reasons so there’s a lot going on..and to know he’s taken the time out to read my work..that means more than anything else at the moment.

Then there was a lovely comment from a friend from school..

“You’re inspiring me to be a better me atm..I’m struggling with depression right now and it’s lovely to read the positive energy you put out on your social media platforms. It helps me to keep focused on the important things. “

(we weren’t ever close..which means so much more to me) It shows that words can inspire anyone who’s around you and also that you have to be careful what you write..you never know who’s reading!

Then there were strangers on twitter.

“I really needed a dairy free version, my sons been struggling to find dairy-free treats!”
“I saw your post last night, really got me thinking about my dad. #inspired”

I know it’s cliche’ but these really are the things that keep me going, I love hearing that my recipes and advice has helped people on PurelyAmy. I’ve been on the site for such a long time now coming up to 5 years on the 7th, and I’ve only really ever received comments from other bloggers once I’d asked them to.

I never received ‘natural’ comments, comments from people who just wanted to stop by and chat. So this week has been a real turning point for me along with my ..

other Achievements

  • I got myself published in a magazine,
    ok so it’s an online one.. but they asked for me. Me!?! So yeah, you could say I’m pretty chuffed. It went live this afternoon so hopefully you’ll all be able to see it *here*
  • The same recipe was also published on another blog,
    not anyone I know but she has the same morals and themes as purelyamy so It was still nice..
  • I had my first commission-based work for PurelyAmy.
    Full disclosure, it was a fair bit of money, I was damn chuffed!

I applied at was accepted for the gadget show live as part of the press! A woman emailed me to ask for help on her graduates dissertation..I didn’t pass English,media studies or pretty much anything else I did at school but she wanted my help!

I’ve also, hosted my own giveaway this month, for the holland and barret £100 sleep products. Designed my very first business cards for networking and handed a few out too!


All in all, I’ve had a pretty good month with all of those offers & I’ve increased…
My facebook following by 126 natural followers,
Instagram by 40 followers,
Twitter by 190 followers,
waistline by an inch! ..not so good.


What’ve you done this month?..feeling..productive?


Amy-May Hunt

Pop a comment, let me know what you think..