An update in the zainy world of Amy..Friday the 12th to Monday the 15th valentines weekend! We didn’t go out for a fancy meal, we didn’t gorge ourselves on cake..
We didn’t really do anything..

We’re not ones for valentines anyway, we normally don’t even buy eachother cards. We both say we love eachother daily anyway and really truely mean it, so for us Valentines doesn’t normally mean a lot.

My week in the run-up to Valentines:

Friday: The end of the work-week for me and my family, we all work in schools so Friday is just a huge sigh of relief.Luckily I’ve been off for a few weeks so it’s been a heap more relaxed for me but I knew my mum’d be stressed, she generally is at al times anyway, but when she has time off from work it’s much worse somehow…

So, when I heard my sister wanted to go shopping with my mum I offered my services, I P1010479normally run around the shop with her kids whilst her and my mum get on with the serious stuff. It takes the heat off of them and they can shop properly.
We met up a few times, when the kids wanted to pick up all of the candles in the glass photo frames section. “Nope, let’s go back to mummy”.

-I popped back just as my mum came around the corner with my oldest nephew (he’s 6) he was carrying a bouquet of flowers and some choccies for his mum. Happy valentines mummy” Gosh, he’s so cute.. He looked at me, hugged me and said “We couldn’t buy you any, they’re a lot of money, but I love you and..Tom’ll get you some, he loves you too”

That boy, breaks my heart, he’s so affectionate and loving..Even when I’m getting angry at him for dropping peaches on the floor and sword fighting with the courgettes. “Stop hitting your brother”
Later that evening I was given this…It’s a heart on the front but “It looked like a bear so I drew a bear face inside it for you“. The inside reads “I love you I hope you have a nice time from Joshua”

Valentines card

Saturday: Should I even bother to write anything in here?..Honestly, Saturdays are always the worst for me, I spend the day thinking about what my other half is doing.
He’s amazing, every week he visits his grandmother and father on the weekend. Think he see’s his folks more than I see mine and I still live with mine!
Regardless, he’s normally off shopping with his dad or doing something fun..and I’m stuck in the house on here. Don’t get me wrong I love blogging but it’s exhausting knowing you have a whole day wasted ( I don’t drive and there’s no where I can really get to) and I couldn’t exercise because my first jog of 2016 was coming up…

Sunday (Valentines day): Ok, I haven’t jogged in around 3 months. It got cold really quick last year so we ditched the jogging by mid-November and just gorged until Christmas.
Best know I had carbs the night before. The funny thing is though, I hopped int he car and Tom put his hand out for me (with something inside) the naive Amy though..” He’s bought something for me? I thought we weren’t exchanging gifts, oh could be a ring”.P1010494
It was a ring, my ring..that I lost at his house a few weeks ago. He’s a pain isn’t he, I got so excited!

-The run went well, It wasn’t too cold and it hadn’t rained so we were quite warm we had a tonne of energy, god knows how. We ended up running  around 5 miles in total and had a really nice morning, it was a bit windy but considering we hadn’t jogged in 3 months our legs were fine afterwards!
Got home at 12. Had a shower then stayed in…all valentines day, he played on his xbox….
I’m not bitter, no really..I’m not. I said it was his day, so he can choose what we do but little did I know we weren’t doing anything..that’s just the thing, If I’d had known in advance I could have prepared myself to stay in and relax..

Regardless, he gave me the biggest card I’ve ever seen and hidden a pair of Nike running leggings in there.. HE DOES CARE. P1010534

I’ll definitely be wearing these
for my review of “Air space” next week. I’m going to review the trampoline park with my other half, for main blog so that’ll be fun.They’ve invited me down for an hour.

Not really blog related but I wanted to let you know, we’ve been super busy at home with
redecorating, So I’ve been away from the blog alot more.We’ve taken the furniture out and pulled up the floors etc etc. It’s blimin’ hard work!

Max stayed next to me all day, he doesn’t like the new flooring I don’t think!


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day, let me know what you did!
Sending my love!
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