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A Story of a young girl who feels the need to find out who she is, where she came from and where her future is going to take her. There are alot of twists and turns along her long path to finding out, such as finding love, losing love and gaining new friends and other things.

9000 words so far.

Tigerlilly:Chapter 1

Tiger Lilly: The Un-Explained.

Chapter: 1
She wasn’t and would never be the same as you and I. There was something different about her, something unexplained. She tried to fit in, make friends and be normal but there was always something in the back of her mind telling her she was destined for something different, something no one would ever know about, but more important than we could comprehend.

It was blisteringly hot and she was repeatedly woken up through the long night, the air was dry and thick, like many summers before but this was exceedingly bad as it was her first summer without her grandmother. She rolled out from under the hot sauna that is her bed, the sun was burning outside and she couldn’t help but panic in thinking “I missed the sunrise again” . She had a sudden burst of energy as she stumbled for her phone that she knew she’d left around the room somewhere. She shuffled about, under school books, clothes, teddies, magazines and other random items and found it under a pair of boots she’d stuffed at the back of her wardrobe, she sighed, and hated that she was inventive with where she placed her phone at night. She slid it open and the time popped up 6:45am,Monday the 5th of July. She winced at how early it was and how the three hours sleep wasn’t going to survive through the long day ahead of her and make the fatal decision to go back to bed for a few hours.

The next awakening time was when her phone had gone off and she dived out of her undersized bed to stop the echoing of the old song set as her alarm. Echoing through the room and the hall outside her door, it drummed through her head. As sleep was being shook off of the girl, she pulled out some of her scruffy clothes, Miss-matched as always, stripy shorts, a black top, and a stripy waistcoat, Yes it’s a strange composition of clothes, She knows, now. This girl, who was a shy dark-haired girl. 5”6 with a curvy slim figure, she had outstanding features, piercing blue eyes, with an innocent look about her. She had recently finished high school and at 19 she was thinking of moving onto university, she’d applied to 6 different universities and had replies back to 5 of them. “The world is your oyster” her mother used to say to her, but it was already July, her acceptance into universities needed to be sent off. She was so smart and beautiful, not someone who you could just walk past, she was someone who you noticed, her name was Sarah.

She picked up her coat, grabbed her scruffy brown school bag, which she’d had for a few years, writing scrawled all over it, the edges were worn and starting to tear and fray, with her pencil and paper in hand she ran out of the door. Sarah ran through the streets that were littered with rubbish and kept running, shop windows from local run businesses merging into one long stretch of glass. The streets were empty, except for the odd and had a lost feeling to them, she ran like there was something chasing her, or she was chasing something… her destiny maybe? She ran, through the streets, past the library and small houses to the top of the tallest hill in the village-like city and looked over all the rooftops across to the furthest point to where the trees group together to make a dark patch of earth. So, She sat and took out her pencil and paper and started to draw, every second a new piece of reality was coming out of the pencil, she didn’t know what she was drawing, a darkness that was unknown to her was discovered that day. She was learning.

The page was almost Black with the drawings, like a black hole with out the evil and unforgiving depths, and she felt a deep sadness and sense of loss. There was a loud crash, like a lightening beam deep inside the grey clouds, which had just appeared, they started to slowly disperse after the crash. Sarah could now see that there was something slowly falling. Sarah’s eyes squinted to get a better look. She waited for a few seconds, until the clouds had cleared some more it was a note, falling from the now blue sky, she waited for it to land on the soft ground in front of her feet, it was a burnt and torn piece of paper. She blew it, to check if it was hot, then slowly and hesitantly touched it. With her finger she flipped the old burnt piece of paper with the letters “T.L”.

Sarah sat in that spot for hours pondering on what it could mean, Where it came and who wrote it. gazing over the hills and staring at the sky, time flew by whilst she was focused on this tiny fragment of paper. She picked up her things and stuffed them into her bag, picking up her feet and running with as much energy as she could muster, she ran. To the place that made the most sense to her, where she felt at ease she ran to the library with her heart beating louder then her feet thumping off the pavement. “ Sarah “ a Husky voice whispered her name, but no one was around, how could that be? She wearily walked into the library and asked Mrs. Jones the old librarian she’d known for years. She asked for a book called “ The future calls “ a book she checked out weekly, There was always something about life being foretold and the path of life always being ahead of you, never any Un-expected turns. This time, the book felt different, more powerful.

The librarian came out with the book under her shoulder and a few sheets of paper in her hand, pencil behind her ear and her hair all tussled behind her big glasses, Sarah had never really noticed but Mrs. Jones had strikingly pale green eyes, washed out almost, but beautiful non the less. Mrs. Jones had always been so nice to her, they used to sit in the library and talk at the reception for hours, about the new books she had in or weird requests from new comers to town. Mrs. Jones was the kindest old lady Sarah had met and known of, she used to drop off books at her home frequently. It was lovely to have someone so smart and kind to talk to, instead of the jocks at her school. “Boys are underrated” Mrs. Jones would say, “ A book is always in fashion”.
Her eyes peered over the frames and looked down, “You must have a look at our history of biolgy books some time, they are the same as this book you know. You must get bored of reading this book by now” Mrs. Jones the librarian smiled and handed the tatty old book over, Sarah giggled and said firmly but politely. “ It’s the same old book but every time it brings a new meaning to me” She gripped the book and held it close to her chest and walked out, “ I’ll see you next week!” The librarian shouted before the girl rushed out of the door.

Step by step her heartbeat increased, there was a flash of something in the distance, a flash of a coat behind a fence. Sarah took a short cut home that day, The sky was bright now, from the bitter winds and ash coloured clouds of when the note fell, now the sky was happy as though the note removed the sadness from it. She hopped the gate across the pathway and was six roads away from her home.Running in and out of alley ways, to get to the shortest path.She sensed a presence around her, someone watching her, but only flecks of a long coat were insight, ever so often the corner of the fences showed more and more of this coat, she ran between the trees near a local path.

Grabbed, and a fear set over her she was forced to the gully way and as she looked up, her neighbour Mrs. Little peered under the hat of her raincoat and spoke in a hushed voice “ You are tiger Lilly, read the book, you’ll understand”.

The old lady let go of Sarah’s hand and walked away, shaken and confused Sarah went home and read the book she’d been given, ‘tiger Lilly the power of 3: A story of a women with the power of earth fire and water’. A power that was randomly given to young girls throughout history, the girls grew up to be powerful and memorable people in history, helping the world to change.
Sarah picked up her bag, Filled with family photos, clothes, money and her I.D She didn’t know where she would go, but she knew she was going to accomplish her destiny.


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