So now it’s here you’re in a panic to get your summer body ready, right?

We always leave these things to the last second and then get upset that we’re not ‘where we want to be’ with our bodies. As I spoke about recently. Beach bodies are not for the beach, they’re for our health. Enjoying your summer doesn’t mean you have to give up one or the other, health or your body. You can do both.

Grab your phone or a pen, I have some health apps that can help you do just that!


The big boss…

Firstly you need to work out what you want to achieve and where you want to go with your health. Finding your BMI and tracking your measurements can be done with most of the health apps I’ll list below.

The Health Apps

My Fitness Pal

The Number one Health App. With it’s ever expanding interface I’m sure you know how much information it can take from you and how easy it is to use. I myself am a yoyo-user of MFP as It has changes and upgrades ever so often so I pop back to try to use them and see the benefits (if any). Not only have I written about the amazing benefits of calorie and macro tracking (fats, proteins and carbs) with MFP.  I’ve also written about the negatives of calorie tracking with my apps.

Calorie Counter Pro

If you understand the nutrition of your food; knowing the balance of fats, sugars and carbs in your meals is a good step towards this. Then all you’ll probably need is a calorie tracker. Knowing what calories are incoming and outgoing is the key to your weight loss (and health) so having a simple input for your caloric needs frees you to eat what you like and when you like, bearing in mind you stay below target.


As it says – It’s the simplest health app on the market. It tracks your daily movements and adds up calories and for you. No Input needed. The aptly-titled Moves automatically tracks your daily movements — whether walking, cycling, or running — with your smartphone’s GPS. It then displays the data in an easy-to-read timeline that makes for an entertaining, intuitive diary.

It also connects with other apps (and health apps ) and it recognises specific places in your life, helping you better visualise your routines and habits.

Lose it!

Lose it is a tracker for your food intake and it can track your fitness activities in a similar fashion to budget-planning apps such Level and Mint. Simply enter your height, weight, age, and how much weight you’re attempting to lose, before the app constructs a recommended calorie budget based on your diet and exercise. Its robust wearable integration is an added plus.

Google fit

Very similar to My Fitness Pal – It’s combining calorie trackers and movement trackers. It’s super responsive to Google smartphones and has more activity choices than most other health apps but as a whole, it’s on par with MyFitnessPal.

Sleep Cycle

Because Sleeping is a huge part of your health – I wrote recently why taking a few minutes break is so important and sleeping offers so much of that break.

Workout Apps

Nike+ Training Club (free)

Nike Training Club has hundreds of 30- to 45-minute workouts. The app provides advice and suggestions based on your own fitness goals, tailored to you. It hosts photos and videos to demonstrate how to properly execute each exercise — all of which are stored directly within the health app for added convenience when offline.

7 Minute Workout

It’s been called ‘the best for busy people’. It doesn’t have many tracking or social features, its focus is on delivering a simple set of exercises and ensuring you know how to perform them. The major strength of this health app is its ability to provide a non-threatening entry point to a more healthy lifestyle, especially for those who are strapped for time.

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Need a challenge? Slow down on first two days and gradually increase your counts per set. You can now achieve your daily goal and share on different social platforms.Dedicate only 30 days of your life and observe your body getting into the shape. It starts from regular warm up followed by exercise’s like;  30 Day Ab Challenge, 30 Day Squat Challenge, 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge, 30 Day Cardio Challenge, 30 Day Arm Challenge, 30 Day Push Up Challenge.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer provides a fitness consultation before allowing you to choose from one of hundreds of workout routines tailored directly to your body. The health app additionally lets you sync and set your music to play between verbal instructions and video, with an option to share your most popular workouts with the online user community via email, Facebook, or Twitter.


An app that offers workout routines to set your own pace. You choose when you want to workout, for how long and for swap up your routines whenever you like. Select from workouts like HICT, Tabata, Cardio, Challenges and other. Over 30 exercises supported like squats, plank, push-ups, sit-ups. Create your own workout schedule.

FitnessBuilder  (Free)

FitnessBuilder offers a diverse catalogue of workouts specifically designed to help you optimise your time at the gym. The hundreds of instructional videos are straightforward and explanatory, and if you prefer, the health app even lets you convert and print your workout regiments in PDF form so you can keep your phone from becoming drenched in sweat.


Run Distance Tracker

Some GPS Trackers can cost from £100’s of pounds but with this nifty health app you can now track your runs with ease! Save yourself the cash and get a free app that tracks your distance, pace and performance and holds it to compare for the next run!

Considering I just paid £50 for a second hand Garmin, this free tracker would have been perfect!


Much like My fitness pal, it has a whole collection of different plug-in options, including heart rate trackers distance trackers and calorie intakes and outputs. RunKeeper already has a good reputation so I don’t have to sell it you per-say. It’s just great as an all rounder -it works with both Google Fit and Apple Health apps.

If you’re a keen runner, there aren’t many better options than this one.

How to be more productive during a workout.


NOTES on health apps:

With calorie trackers;  Aiming to eat below your caloric goal. People tend to see a number and aim to ‘achieve it’,  so you follow it. Instead, why don’t you put your caloric goal 100 calories less and focus on achieving that? You’re much more likely to start eating to your lower goal.

With Food Diaries; Make sure you programme some of your basic foods so it’s just a click to register your meals instead of spending an hour a day updating a programme where you could be spending that time meal-prepping or even working out!

Youtube Channels: If you’re not too keen on using a workout app you can use another type of health app such as; my fitness pal to track your input and output you can use youtube to do your workouts! Here are my top channels to subscribe to!

So if you were ever hesitant to think there wasn’t any motivation for you, there are tonnes of free apps that will give you the extra push to do something. I recently found out I had accidentally signed up to a 10k instead of a 5k so I’m a bit more motivated than most at the moment. I hope you find something to give you that extra push.

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Fun apps to download if you want a health kick! Calorie counters and fitness trackers

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