Oh, didn’t you know? I’m going away! (ha!)  Sorry, I’ve been harping on about it for weeks, I’m just so excited for it and at the same time, extremely nervous that I’m forgetting to pack certain things so.. I’ve written my bullet proof list for cruise essentials!

How to determine your cruise essentials!

Well, not’s get a head of ourselves. Don’t even open your suitcase yet, firstly find a good ole piece of paper and a pen (or a smart phone) I mean come on, it’s 2016 if you don’t have a notepad app on your phone I just don’t know what to say to you…luggage-933487_640

Now, with your handy-paper and pen, write down the 10 things you must have, other than clothes and beauty items. I put these top of my list because they’re the more forgettable things. For me clothes and beauty are always top priority but to have these with me makes my holiday that much better.

  • Essentials: Not including beauty and clothing!
    Wallet including holiday money, Passport and travel documents, Phone, Camera, Chargers, Glasses, contact lenses, Book, note pad and pen, Paracetamol/Ibuprofen.
  • Beauty: Anything you feel is an essential beauty product. (we’ll go into non-essentials later)
    Sun creams and after sun, Tablets like ibuprofen paracetamol and travel sickness, razors, glasses/contact lenses,sanitary towels or tampons (for swimming). At least one hair bobble & hair grip!
  • Clothing: A huge list, just put down the basics, for now, pop down to the bottom of the page for my go-to clothing for 14 days list, *Extended below.Pants, Bras, Tops for all weather types, Bottoms, comfortable shoes and one pair of pretty shoes, Swim wear, A spair bag for walking around the towns with. Sleep wear, hat for keeping sun out of your eyes.
  • The non-essentials (Luxury) *: Anything you deem a luxury to have, remember most places will have plug sockets, clean towels, 2-1 shampoos, toothbrushes, a comb and a hairdryer. Alcohol is normally prohibited to their own provided on the ship, my ship allows one bottle on per passenger. *Extended below.

So that’s your quick lists done, now you should be able to form your own lists for each category. I find It’s best for me to write a list out, cross out this in red pen that I absolutely don’t need and re-write it. Making sure I double check the day before I depart that everything I need is in, and anything I want fits in comfortably.


The non-essentials (Luxury) 

Check your plugs. Do your chargers fit in the cruise-liners sockets? Check the FAQ page on your cruises website.make-up-1209798_640

Makeup products If they’re on your non-essentials list then keep it to the basics. Foundation, Mascara, Lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil & bronzer. A nice nail polish for those nights out and a tiny bit of remover (just incase).
As your holiday progresses you might not use the foundation but I find it nice to have when I’m a bit red after a day in the sun. Make sure you pack all of these products in leak-proof bags inside your luggage, just incase!

Toiletries. Could easily be an essential but as most places have the basics rations, you don’t necessarily need these.Toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton pads for makeup, hair brush, hair bobbles & grips and for me, straighteners!

Mini bottles of conditioner & shampoo. Whilst most places will have these for you they’re normally a lesser
quality and will only do a day or two days of washing, I always take my own mini-bottles to last me the full week! Leak-proof bags please!



Cruise smart tips!

Check all paperwork – Seems obvious but some cruisers forget to check their visas!
When travelling on a cruise, make sure you have checked your visa requirements for all countries. They will not let you board the ship without them, so make sure they’re in your hand luggage! And make sure you have checked-in online before cruising, or you could be stuck on the dock filling in the paperwork for a good 60 minutes!

Pack extra Euros and maybe little notes for the staff; Whether you’re paying gratuities on your ship or not (they’re 18% so it’s understandable if you don’t). Our holiday costs were, per person, £1100 + £220 excursions + £800 if we want drinks + £330 if we want to pay gratuities. That’s £2,450 and almost double our original holiday price. Needless to say, we will be tipping separately and purchasing our drinks as they come.
Bring spare euros to tip your room service staff, waiters and anyone who has given you great service.

Pack your swimwear in your carry-ons! Anything you think you might want on ‘Embarkation day’. The first day of your cruise, will want to be in your hand luggage as your suitcase will go straight to your room. You could be without your sun lotion, euros and your boarding paperwork!! So pack smart!

Dress smart! I’m not saying ball gowns every day, or even at all. But wearing your budgie smugglers around the casino is a definite no-no on a cruise, not because the staff will ‘tell you off’ but because it’s a laid-back relaxed holiday. Whilst cruises have become more relaxed, smart jeans are now allowed on formal nights. Most people will be dressed smartly, covering up cleavage, butt cracks and belly-buttons and be enjoying their time, have some courtesy to your fellow passengers. If you intend on going to the formal evening, dress as though you’re going to prom or an evening wedding.

Go to the welcome meeting! – Not really a packing essential but they give out the best discounts, offers and entertainment lists on these things, not to mention you can meet the staff who’ll be organising your entire stay. Get in early, sweeten them up! Typically you can book 20% off excursions and drinks packaged on day one.


My clothing; for 14 days.

  • 2 Tops, one formal, 3 casual and two sports tops for the suitcase-468445_640
    gym. Mixed and matched with trousers,shorts,skirts you can get 8 outfits out of these, not including the sports tops!
  • 2 Trousers, Two casual. You can smarten them up with a formal top! 4 outfits)
  • 3 shorts; Depending on where you’re going, you’ll find you wear shorts more than anything in your case. So these are almost a must-have. I have packed one smart pair of shorts and 2 casual pairs, one for the gym! ( 4 outfits)
  • 2 Skirts, Medium length to short. Incase it’s too hot for shorts or dresses. You never know! ( 8 outfits)
  • 2 dresses, one formal, one casual. (2 outfits)
  • 4 Shoes; Sandles, Pumps, Formal & trainers. One pair can be worn to save space in the suitcase.
  • 7 Under wear; * 7 pants, 4 bras, 2 sports bras, 2 sports shorts.
  • Jewellery; Simple. Just one gold necklace, one silver necklace and a smart bracelet for the formal dinner.
  • Two pairs of sunglasses. One for smart outfits and one for around the pool.  It’s hard to be on a nice holiday without getting sun glare in your eyes. You can ofcourse buy a cheap pair whilst away but they may not have the UV protection which could lead to damage to the eyes.

*I know, only 7 but hold on, I’m not completely loopy. First of all, it takes up so much space in my suitcase, can you imagine taking 14 bras, 14 pants and then my clothes? That a case in it’s self! Not to mention they have cleaning facilities, or a sink, on board and the fact that 4 days are cruising. You know I’m going to be in the pool for most of the holiday! I’ll probably wash them on day 5 and keep topped up!

What are your cruise essentials? Would you add anything? Have a brilliant cruise where ever the destination! See you when I get back form my travels!


Amy-May Hunt

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