Title image: Treat days and me

The battle to eat healthy when you’re eating out. Healthy options or a treat day?

..it does?? …Oh god.Well, this post is mid-week so I’m allowed to be a bit off topic with health and fitness, however it still has some undertones of healthy advice.This is very much a personal post (Similar to ‘let me eat cake’) but this is more ‘dining out’ and punishment focused, on how I dealt with eating out on a healthy eating regime..so, Let’s continue shall we?

so, Let’s continue shall we?

I started my day off late. I woke up and shouted for my brother “It’s out birthday! You can’t over sleep!” He was bemused and just grumbled back, he never really celebrates it, not even a card. I did a small cardio workout from the workout calender and by 12 O clock I had just about finished saying thank you to all of my Birthday messages..It was such a nice change of pace to have people making contact with me on my birthday.

I’d spent the past few days deliberating on what I should eat whilst I was out for my Birthday, I was only with my partner but I don’t normally celebrate so it’s nice to do something,anything really..

This was a steak house so it really wasn’t much for me to choose but, it’s the fanciest place in the area and all week I’d had this niggling voice ‘but you’ve worked so hard’, ‘but it’ll ruin everything’, ‘this’d be a great challenge for you to not eat badly’, wouldn’t you feel better if you just had the sea bass?

Blah blah blah blah blah..

My steak dinner, half eatn
This girl will self-destruct in 3..2..1.

I’m not saying I was worrying about my weight all week because of one meal but more to the point that I’d worried about the effects of the whole week. I’d eaten crap; biscuits, bread, sugary drinks and sweets all week because I knew my diet and workouts (which were hindered by a shoulder injury) were getting ruined on my Birthday anyway…

You see what I mean? Self-destruction.

This is probably one of the most common problems of weight loss, most people foresee the bumps in the road and instead of taking a running jump, they walk slowly and ‘climb’ over it, struggling on the other side of the bump too.

Mahatma Gandhi — ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

Instead of:
“Why am I bothering I’m going to overeat on Friday and suffer all weekend, might as well give up now!”

You might think to yourself, god… That;s me! I’ve done that, said that before…Learn from it!

Please, don’t hinder your hard work by forcing yourself to eat badly, and by eating badly I don’t even mean takeaways. I mean not eating as well as you should, because you know you’ll struggle later on. Get to that ‘struggle’ when it comes to it, work hard now so you’ll be confident in yourself and in your own decisions.

In hindsight, I should have said;
I may not be able to workout properly, but I can run..
I may not be able to eat healthily on my birthday (because I choose not to). so I should be good now. Why do I care what one day does to me? I’m strong, I can work it off and redeem myself.

Make time to mess up, incase you’re put into a situation that requires you being lax in your healthy lifestyle, (injury, birthdays, weddings)
Not that eating out was forced on me, but damn it..it’s my Birthday I should be able to eat what I want and not feel the ‘bloated belly’ running at me with picture of my pre-Christmas body.
So yeah. I ate and drank extortionate amounts, but so what? Who cares (except for me). Here are a few snaps I thought I’d share with you. I selfied all over my Birthday.
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For the fallen Star-Man: May you rest in peace and keep the impassioned passionate.





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