As you can probably guess, this is going to be a positive post. I think far too many of us think ‘Vegan’ and pair it with tonnes of negativity but as you know, I think diet is about choice, your choice. Whether or not you’re vegan I really recommend reading this as you get to understand what it’s really like to be vegan from a real vegan..

*I’m not vegan. With this site I really try to open the door to any diet so that people can get the full information to make an informed decision and give it a chance. (Click For all of my diet explanations) I really wanted to encapsulate the feelings of a vegan so you could get the best experience.

…It’s not all rainbows and sunshine in any lifestyle choice. Even if makes you happy, others can make you miserable. I asked a friend of mine (@hellokassanova), who I really should speak to more…if she’d answer some some-what personal questions. *They’re not all mine, it should be noted that I took a survey of popular questions to ask a vegan. So If the questions sound harsh or brash it’s because that’s what people wanted to ask about her diet, So, I noted her responses for you and then put my own little responses (in grey).


So, What influenced your decision to become a vegan and how long have you been vegan?Since June 1st 2015. I have always been a huge animal lover and was a vegetarian for many years. From a young age I would always question why people eat meat and that it seemed barbaric. I just felt that it was cruel to eat animals, they have no say and humans as a race just take whatever they want just because they can. Just because something is mainstream doesn’t make it right.

Many people ask vegans how do you ‘cope’ without meat? What do you think of this?It’s not a case of “coping” I do perfectly fine without meat, in fact it’s proven as a healthier lifestyle.(It really is) There are so many alternatives and options for vegans! I thought I would struggle to find enough food to eat being vegan but have been pleasantly surprised. (Purely Vegan Recipes)

How do you feel about others that do eat meat?Obviously I would prefer it if this didn’t happen as it is incredibly cruel and most people just don’t understand or care about what animals are subjected to. My boyfriend is a carnivore and he has considered going vegetarian for health benefits and his love for animals. I simply cook on separate trays and if he wants meat he has to sort this himself as I feel very uncomfortable at the thought of even touching it. I don’t push my beliefs on others as preaching is the worst! I respect that not everyone wants to go vegan.


Do you feel responsible for trying to make a change in others globally? Or is this more for you?I feel as though people need to be more educated. From a young age we are all brainwashed by the meat industry such as milk is good for you and so is meat! Ironically most obese people have a high meat intake, recent studies show milk is NOT as good for you as once claimed and processed meat can even cause cancer?? I think it’s fairly obvious eating corpses isn’t the best. Each to their own though not everyone wants to embrace the facts.

(I completely agree, I think people are so routinely brought up eating meat as for thousands of years it was a great source of sustainable energy but crops are harvested all year round and plant-based diets are completely sustainable and accessible!)

Are you a strict vegan? Do you occasionally have milk/eggs/cheese? I take my veganism incredibly seriously. It’s a lifestyle after all, I don’t stray from the path and never eat non-vegan products. I ensure my makeup is not tested on animals, my shower gel, my shampoo and conditioner are cruelty free. It’s not that hard you just need to take a few more minutes of your time to research. It’s amazing how pure it makes you feel and you know you’re doing something positive. 

Have you seen any changes in your mind/body personal views since becoming vegan?When I was following a more healthy choice of food I was losing weight healthily and I felt great. I get excited by all of the options I have! I can have ice cream, cake, pizza etc. I feel like I have more energy and feel happier. I have learnt a great deal about food, nutrition and animals since this transition. I am incredibly passionate now I have the facts.

Has anyone ever disapproved of your choice or made you feel uncomfortable/wrong? Oh yes. We live in a society where a lot of people eat meat so I am bound to get some opposition. People are quite ill-informed about veganism and I have to try not to laugh when I hear the same few things; what do you even eat!? Do you get enough protein!? If people educated themselves they would realise this is not the case and if you eat correctly you’ll be just fine! I have had people at work laughing at my choice to go vegan, family members who make jokes about animals and arguments on social media.
At the end of the day we are entitled to our own views but why mock someone who sees what really happens in this world and wants to make a positive change? I guess that’s humanity for you.(or inhumanity!) But us vegans as a whole are friendly people and it’s amazing to see more and more products and restaurants and celebrities turning vegan.

Thank you.” @hellokassanova

I highlighted one of the last sections “if you eat correctly you’ll be just fine” She hit the nail on the head with this one, education is the key to success of anything.There are tonnes of protein-rich foods,tonnes of choices of foods. So, you can either submerge yourself in the world and learn from trial and error OR you can educate yourself on the diet before you start it, but if you don’t do either how can you have an opinion on it?

  If that doesn’t make you want to cut out animal products I don’t know what will (well I do *warning extremely abusive images*)  It seems so odd to me that in this day and age she feels she has to ‘combat’ other people’s beliefs and defend her own in her own diet. Like I always say, diet is about freedom of choice, whether it’s for your own health or promoting a great cause, veganism has amazing health benefits along with a whole list of animal-friendly rights we should respect. You wouldn’t or couldn’t imagine going up to me and asking why I eat fish/dairy, why do we insist on asking why she doesn’t?

I hope this left you feeling more informed on your decision, whether that means eating meat or not and I hope you’re more sensitive to people’s choices too!


Whether you’re vegan or not, leave a comment below, did she highlight anything you didn’t know? Has she made you want to ask more questions?


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    • She’s quite good at talking about Vegan problems without preaching. She’s been vegan long enough to know it’s not about changing others..just about informing them x

    • She’s quite good at talking about Vegan problems without preaching. She’s been vegan long enough to know it’s not about changing others..just about informing them x

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