With the new year, came new decisions – or, the old ones that will finally be seen to completion. A fresh start is the best start you can have, in all spheres of life, fitness included. The holiday season has passed; so, you have no more excuses to “start from tomorrow” or “after we finish the cake”. With the workouts that will dominate the 2017’s top fitness stage, you’ll reboot your stale workout plans and get in tremendous shape. All you need to do is start!

Read on to find out more about what’s going to be trending all throughout the year, and choose your suitable fitness!

Animal Flow

Animal Flow was designed by Mike Fitch in partnership with Equinox, and it’s one of those ultra-hot exercises you want your future husband to be engaged in. The exercise itself taps into your primal instincts and gets your body in ways you’ve never thought possible before. There is a series of functional bodyweight movements that fuse Parkour, gymnastics, break dancing, acrobatics and capoeira all while staying low to the ground and engaging many muscles at once (much like a lion would stealthily stalk its prey). Be aware, though – no matter how playful the exercise may seem, it is one of those drench-you-with-sweat workouts you’ll curse and adore at the same time.


Boxing saw a rising interest in 2016 with celebrities sharing their boxing workouts and endorsing it as their number one cardio workout. The rise of boutique boxing studios all together with individual lessons and intense yet polished group classes (compared to traditional boxing gyms) is evidently going to be an even bigger hit in 2017! The amazing thing about this new type of boxing is that you don’t even have to jump in the ring and fight one on one (and potentially end up with a broken jaw or God knows what else) but simply enjoy this improved no-contact boxing style of fitness.

This ultra-empowering, anxiety-reducing workout is here to help you kick ass, get in shape and have your healthiest year yet. The whole LA is beaming with boxing bags and women buying boxing bandages – we expect nothing less of you.

Megaformer (The Lagree Method)

A Megaformer class is, basically, Pilates on crack. This gives you an intense reformer workout that’ll make your muscles burn, shake, and possibly hate you for the next 48 hours. And you’ll want more. It’s incredibly addictive and exceptionally powerful. Mind you, the workout is HARD, but amazing.

Ugi Fit

Stop thinking “Pilates” immediately! Ugi Fit is a deceivingly simple-looking ball, which combines the bounce of a stress ball and the squish of a beanbag. What we gather is that “using the 15-inch prop, you’ll complete a 30-minute routine that involves strength, cardio, and core training for a full-body workout that’s both functional and fun.” Since this workout is only available for at-home DVD system (for now), you’ll enjoy achieving your fitness goals at home.

Getting Very Personal

Wearable technology, smartwatches and fitness trackers have been hot holiday gifts for the last few years and in 2017 we’re looking at the highest rise of mobile technology in fitness ever! One of the hottest trends currently is hiring a mobile personal trainer in Adelaide while counting calories on your smartwatch. The training is composed out of high intense workouts that are usually taking place outside (each crafted by a person’s individual fitness goals and BMI) and they are very high-impact. Even if going fit-tech isn’t your thing, you will get a phenomenal workout nonetheless.

Ropes Gone Wild

Nope, this exercise won’t be your typical waving of a rope up and down; this exercise is based on weighted ropes and it will drain you!

The ropes are intended to create a wave-like pattern, and you’re achieving the shape by engaging your whole body. You’ll work every single muscle, especially your core; at the same time, you will be increasing metabolic endurance, reaping cardiovascular benefits and improving coordination.

These were just some of our top 2017 fitness picks for the upcoming period. Mind you, the list is long and there’s something for everybody. We sure hope you’ll find your best fitness regime soon!

Amy-May Hunt

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