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Hi, I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen of my site, it’s not just a health site. Purely Amy is my personal cloud of misjudgement and hilarity and when my sensible cap is firmly placed on my head, It’s also my health advice site.

I’ve been writing for several years. Since 2011 in fact! Mostly I write for myself, but on the odd occasion, I get inspired to share something. Most of the time this is to do with food.

After suffering with bulimia in my late teens into my early twenties I developed a strained relationship with food and with my health. Through these troubles I taught myself about food, I learnt more about how my body ‘works’ with food and I bought myself a 6 weeks ‘starter’ course online “General Nutrition for Health”. Whilst It was barely enough to help me to balance a plate of food but the most important thing it did, It gave me confidence.

Through the short-course in nutrition I became hooked on learning about every aspect of food! I started this blog with the idea that I could share my knowledge (and passions) and grow the blog with you. 

I have spent the past six years learning about every part of nutrition; I’ve trialled diets, I’ve gone to fitness classes, It’s been tough but it’s been an amazing journey!

If you feel like you’ve been on a similar journey, trialling diets that didn’t work or working out in the gym but never finding a pasion for it. Speak to me, I have worked with hundreds of people in similar situations that have struggled with their health and weight.

If you are someone who feels ‘lost’ with it all then I am here to help you find your way.

There are tonnes of easy recipes, simple tips and general advice to get you on your way but if you still feel like you ‘Just don’t know where to start’ I offer personalised plans and even 1-on-1 coaching for anyone who wants it.  Do you want FREE Workout templates & food plans? All you have to do is opt in (click the picture below or sign up in the side-bar)

Leave a message or add me on any of my platforms!

Thank you, hope to see you soon.
*For rates and collaborations please get in touch via my email or contact form and I will send over updated details on pricing and terms. My media pack is updated on a 5 week basis. You can read up on my stats each month by searching for “Stats”.

3 comments on “About”

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  2. Hi,

    This summer my partner and I will be undertaking a charity fundraising challenge in the name of veganism, sustainability and adventure. We love your online content and know you are influential in the vegan world so we are reaching out to see if you could help shed some light on our story.

    Our challenge is to hike the 3 tallest peaks in the UK and cycle the 550 miles in between in an epic hiking, cycling and camping adventure. We’ll be proving that you can take on one of the hardest outdoor challenges in the UK and with a plant based diet and we think this will be motivating to your readers. We want to empower other vegans and hopefully inspire them to have their own plant based adventures.

    If this sounds of interest to you we’d love to tell you a bit more about our story!

    We hope to hear from you soon,

    Josh and Sarah

    • How odd! Me and my partner (and a work friend) are all discussing the 3 peaks challenge for October, without the cycling as our bodies wouldn’t be able to handle it we don’t think!

      I’d LOVE to hear more about your story/planning and nutritional plans for the challenge. Would you like to write something for the site?

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