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Hi, I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen of my site, it’s not just a health site. Purely Amy is my personal cloud of misjudgement and hilarity and when my sensible cap is firmly placed on my head, It’s also my health advice site.

I’ve been writing for several years. Mostly for myself, but on the odd occasion, I get inspired to share something. It very quickly spiralled out of control, much like a lot of things in life. My first real ‘writing’ experience was in secondary school when I submitted a few quick stories to my history teacher, they weren’t history stories but they were full of passion. I didn’t place or really get recognised for it but it was a far leap for me as I was the bottom of the English tier.

But, I’m motivated and It didn’t get me down. 

I’ve been blogging now for five years! I didn’t realise how popular it had become until I saw an advert for a celebrity who’d made it big from her blog. After seeing that people had shared their work and people enjoyed reading other people’s work, I joined up with several groups on Facebook. They advised me on the best way to reach people who really needed my help. It really made me realise, I want to be the person to help them. With my casual writing style, I hope you can get to know me better and realise that eating healthily doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive.

Little changes go a long way! As someone who previously dealt with an eating disorder I know,because I had to teach myself.. about health and fitness and it leads my to start this site, as a personal space for me to talk about weight issues and life events. It soon changed  to daily food diaries and more research into how food and exercise affect our mind and body….”

As for PR and brand contact, I do a lot of reviews,giveaways, and collaborations with all types of brands. From the obvious protein, events and outings companies (yeah, I get to review national parks and sports centres!) health brands, razors, makeup products, luxury items and food!

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Life’s for sharing so will you share mine with me?


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*For rates and collaborations please get in touch via my email or contact form and I will send over updated details on pricing and terms. My media pack is updated on a 5 week basis. You can read up on my stats each month by searching for “Stats”.

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