woo hoo! I haven’t done a review in such a long time..mostly because I don’t have the money to splash on fancy gadgets and also because I’m snowed down with my new college course and volunteer work.
When I was approached with reviewing these earphones I had to say yes! They’re exciting and new and well.. who doesn’t love a freebie? That being said I remained as impartial as possible.

That being said I remained as impartial as possible.

First Impressions;

As you open the box they have the initial ‘wow’ factor as they’re unlike and wireless earphones I’ve ever seen. The sleek minimal design and high-gloss finish leaves you thinking they’re extremely high-tech, which they’re not, they’re Bluetooth! So simple, why did we not think of this sooner?

As for taking them out and really feeling the quality of them, they felt a little flimsy; I think this is for comfort, they have to be flexible to fit any ones neck and yet still be strong enough to keep from shaking the earbuds out of your ear as you run, so it’s understandable.

When you pick them up, the first thing you’ll notice is that you can’t find the ear buds, they’re  not central to the head piece, strange? That’s because they’re magnetic and tucked into the ends of the ‘necklace’ to keep them from getting tangled or broken, I love that feature.

After that you notice the buttons for “call/snyc” and “Volume controls”, then “Skip, Play and Rewind” on either side, they’re big enough for you to easily find but they’re not obvious to the eye which means they blend in perfectly, hidden to anyone looking at your new tech.

I let my family try them out too and for looks they all thought they were very expensive, they all loved that they’re a necklace, easy hand’s free use and felt stable, that being said you can also sync anyone’s phone with them with just a click of the buttons. Simple!

Overall use:

I wore these for a light 10-minute jog for the reviews.
Firstly I want to talk about usage though; I’d personally recommend these for a long slow jog around the park as yes, they’re quite stable but the more you bounce the more they wiggle and over time they will come lose from your ears. They’re a lot better then any other headphones I’ve ever had, but I wanted to make it clear that nothing is infallible.

I found that with my quick jog I got on with them amazingly well, I was just switching them on, pressing ‘sync’ and then pressing the playlist on my phone that I wanted, from there it was just using the buttons on the necklace to control what songs I wanted.

So I popped my phone in my front zip and off I jogged.

I was really happy with the audio the sound was crisp and clear and blocked out enough ‘traffic’ sounds to feel fully invested in the music but kept me safe from any car sounds I may need to be wary of.

The controls as I said are big enough to find and use, however there’s a forward and a skip button. so, I found myself pressing skip to get to the next song instead of forward and it’d pause the music, so I’d have to take my phone out and press play and forward to move on, I think that it means skip the album? Not to sure about that but I’m really happy with everything else.

SoundPeats VS Alternatives
Firstly,The Sound Peats aren’t even branded as sports earphones i’m calling them that as they do the job!

The price for a regular headset would normally set you back around £15-£25, for a sports headset you;re looking around £50-£95 and for these.. well, these are hightech, anti-wobble and superb quality so… they’re only £19! It makes you wonder doesn’t it? Why these well-known brands charge so much when lesser known brands can make something that actually does the job for 1/3 of the price.

Stability, as you know when you run the gravity and motion pop’s the ear buds out of your ears (even in the sports versions that loop your ear). These sound peaks go around your neck with a wire to your ears, reducing the gravity acting on the wire as the bounce goes into the necklace and doesn’t strain on the wire in your ears.They stayed put! Sometimes when you jog your arm or clothing can lightly knock the wire causing you to have to put it back in, with out the wires it really reduced the problem, they only came out once, which was a huge deal for me!

The comfort, for me this hadn’t even occurred, as I said earlier I only wear earphones for running so comfort hadn’t come into play. My father mentioned to me that he want’s some for bed, I asked why he couldn’t wear his others but other headphones are bulky and apply pressure to the head and earphones just fall out if you wriggle, these being in a necklace design mean they move with your body when you wriggle and move and theres no pressure points on the sides of your head as they’re just ear pieces!

I’m really happy to have these, especially since I was gifted them, I’ve used them on every jog since I received them, I’ve also taken them to my gym trials (yeah, you don’t have to pay for member ship) my most recent free pass is to ‘David Lloyd’s’ the branch I’m at is quite small but it has enough cardio machines to keep the gym bunnies occupied.

**If you’d like a set have a mooch over on amazon’s I said I’m not affiliated with them or endorsed, they just asked me to give my honest opinion on them. I’m being positive because I haven’t found anything wrong with them, other then the bit of wobble and I’m recommending them because the alternatives just don’t make the cut, non of them have anti-gravity.
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