Health benefits of eating; Bananas

My favourite fruit and…honestly? It’s my favourite food! I don’t think I could last a week without a banana, trust me. We’ve been in a state of deprivation without these for a few days and I was going loopy. There’s something so satisfying about a sweet startchy carb that can fill you up in less […]

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The best dairy-free alternatives to try this week!

Mmmmmmhm! I’m all about that milk at the moment.   Having suffered from Lactose intolerance since my mid-teens milk has been a love-hate relationship for me. I love a big bowl of rice pudding, bananas and custard or a heaping pile of mac and cheese. The issue is I had to quit it all cheesy, milky […]

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2016 Weight gain and 2017 weightloss goals.

I hate to use the term ‘weight loss’ as for me, It’s mostly fat loss and muscle gain so my weight stays pretty steady. The issue is people wouldn’t respond if I had titled this “My Inch loss for 2017”. So let’s get into the juicy gossip shall we? I gained weight – A lot […]

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A Health care routine to try out this christmas – Pamper yourself happy.

There’s so much to be done in December, Christmas cards to send out. A house to decorate, meals to plan! It’s a wonder anything gets done. So much to juggle all at once! That’s one of the biggest reasons we have the December blues once Christmas is over, we abandon our health and we get […]

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The health benefits of Cranberries

Cranberries, what are the health benefits?

A Christmas staple but they’re great all year round! What’s the sweet gem got going for it? A tonne of health benefits that’s what! Cranberries are no longer a drink to soothe irritational and inflammation, it’s actually a pretty great health food too. So I’m promoting it to a grocery item must-have. As far as […]

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5 things I’ve learnt since going vegan. The good and bad

I have been vegan now since September 19th, Yep. I’ve been counting. Eating Korean, Asian and Mexican is just a staple in my diet. Noodles pasta and carbs are my new best friend and I don’t care who knows it. – God-love Paleo, You know I do. The results were incredible -I toned up and […]

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