Insanity – 3 years on & staying strong

Insanity 3 years on

Anyone who’s anyone has heard of the famous, and quite frankly…gorgeous Shaun T. He’s a personal trainer, professional dancer and creator of the amazing Beachbody programmes; Hip hop abs, Insanity and T25. I’m not here to sell him to you, or to push his products. This is just my reflection on the programmes I’ve completed (and […]

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Stay cool in summer | How to get the best out of a hot workout.


Working out is hard enough when it’s done right. So why risk injury or dehydration by not looking out for your body in summer? Heat sickness is a real thing, it’s caused by the body over heating and not being able to regulate itself properly. But how do you get ‘over heated’?  Overheating happens when […]

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My go-to healthy meals- 7 meals to add to your weekly menu


I could write more than 10 but these are my guilty-non-guilty pleasures. I can come back from a run and pop on a lovely meal that satisfies my taste buds and keeps fighting fit (and not lethargic). Don’t get me wrong, I eat a lot. I just eat a lot of the right stuff. So […]

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Why I don’t use the gym.


I suppose this article is very similar to a lot of my articles, they all have the influence of; saving money, inspiring new people and getting people do try new ideas for weight loss. Last week I spoke about motivating people to take up their running shoes and get out into the wide outdoors, well..the […]

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Ten reasons to start running this summer!

10 reasons running

Running, It’s a love it or hate it sort of thing isn’t it? But…it doesn’t have to be! Yeah, you’ve probably read 5,000 reasons to run, you’ve seen flashy pictures and women in tight-fitted clothes running down a beach. Running for me is definitely a love it kinda thing so I’m going try my best […]

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Weights for a waist – How adding muscle, trims your tum!

weights for a waist

I’m myth busting today! Muscle. Is it really the best thing for weight loss? Judging by the title, you should probably be saying yes by now…  but why is it? What effect does it have on the body and your metabolism? Muscle burns fat But, we know that, right? Apparently not! The idea, no wait, […]

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