Vanilla and almond milk chia- The Perfect Breakfast.


I am definitely late on the chia seeds trend but that just means I have a wave of new love for this little seed that people may have already forgotten. Typically used to make a ‘pudding’ that is similar in texture to tapioca, it is more of a sweet breakfast treat. That being said I […]

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Diagnosing an intollerance – Do you have one?


Intolerances come in different shapes and sizes and recognising whether you have one might not be as straight forward as you think… Diagnosing an intolerance is not step one. Before finding out what your intolerance is, you need to know whether you have one. Personally, I believe it’s beneficial for everyone to find out whether they […]

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The holiday from hell – Getting to Barcelona. (Part 1 of 3)


I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts and tweets that I had a holiday that only nightmares are made from. Summing it up in less than 10,00 words was always going to be hard. Part one of this story is Pre-holiday, so mostly booking & Airport palava! Part 2 is the holiday, which I’ll publish […]

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What not to do when starting a blog


It’s all new, sparkly and your hopes of becoming the next Fitcetera or don’tcrampmystyle are higher than everest in my opinion of the blogging world (they get shit done basically)….but what should you do when starting a blog and what should you definitely not do? Speaking from experience, the bad kind of experience, I feel I have a […]

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Hawkstone Park Follies – Active days out


Hawkstone park is a national park located in the beautiful countryside town of Shrewsbury. The park is an overhauled natural area, it has been adapted and enhanced to create an engaging and interactive day out for any age The follies are a winding path of nature walks, like I said, they offer routes for any […]

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