Childhood obesity and the sugar crisis why is it getting worse?

The sugar crisis

Childhood obesity is not a new thing, since the middle ages when the wealthy treated food as a luxury and gorged on the finer things in life. Children were at the crux of it, believing that food was admirable and a luxury, a treat. It’s this exact thought pattern that has lead to the increase […]

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What I’ve learnt from living on the basics for a month…


It has been a long month..perhaps the longest one! Summer is supposed to be filled with floaty skirts, uncomfortable sandals and tan-lines to impress your co-workers. Mine, was more sweat and stress with a mix of junk food and netflix. I have felt quite rough, for quite some time.. Which is probably why the motivational […]

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Thinking about making a change | Thinking Vegan

Thinking Vegan - My reasons

There’s a lot going on with me at the minute and perhaps it’s just the product of eating poorly and not being in my usual routine that has me thinking this way. However, It’s not a rash decision or even a hard one for me to make. For months, getting on for almost a year […]

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Cruise Packing Essentials | The bullet-proof list

Cruise Packing Essentials

Oh, didn’t you know? I’m going away! (ha!)  Sorry, I’ve been harping on about it for weeks, I’m just so excited for it and at the same time, extremely nervous that I’m forgetting to pack certain things so.. I’ve written my bullet proof list for cruise essentials! How to determine your cruise essentials! Well, not’s […]

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Insanity – 3 years on & staying strong

Insanity 3 years on

Anyone who’s anyone has heard of the famous, and quite frankly…gorgeous Shaun T. He’s a personal trainer, professional dancer and creator of the amazing Beachbody programmes; Hip hop abs, Insanity and T25. I’m not here to sell him to you, or to push his products. This is just my reflection on the programmes I’ve completed (and […]

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