Transitioning to Veganism for improved fitness [Section 2]

Vegan nutrition – like any nutrition can become a lengthy and boring process. I’m trying to break it down into understandable and easy-to-use information so everyone can start incorporating better dietary choices to maintain and improve their fitness. My big quote is “Nutrition is the building blocks of life” – If you haven’t already, I […] Read more…

Vegan nutrition for improved fitness

 I should start off by saying ‘Nutrition is key to all aspects of health’. Whether that be for changing your body shape or recovering from a medical issue, we understand that a healthy diet is best for changing our bodies. When thinking of ‘healthy’ diets, the first thing that springs to mind is ….vegetables, It […] Read more…

What I eat in a day as a healthy (sometimes) Vegan Blogger

What I Eat In A Day As A Vegan

What I eat in a day is changing every day most of my days aren’t a traditional 3 meal plan. Some day’s I start eating at 1pm (normally an intermittent fasting day) and other days I eat at 7 am. I’m a getup and eat kinda-gal, hungry before I’m even properly awake. Depending on what […] Read more…

My workout wishlist

It’s AUTUMN! Which means, new workout gear (also – my old leggings have a thumb-sized hole in the bum) so it’s more a necessity to buy new workout gear than a ‘luxury’. Aside from that, I have been raining in my budget so I can afford a new phone, camera, laptop…basically everything is breaking around […] Read more…

A Kids-Party inspired Gin & Tonic cake made with lemonade. It's vegan and super simple!

Gin & Tonic Cake A Layered Pastel Cake | Vegan

I made such a mess. My Gin & Tonic cake is made with love, alcohol and a lot of mess. I mean, the idea in my head was fairly messy anyway but this whole ‘layered Gin & Tonic cake’ with alternate frosting and rustic decoration. This, is a cheat cake. This cake has really revolutionised how […] Read more…

1 Today! Today is my vegan anniversary I have officially been vegan for a whole year and I have a lot to say about it..heres my Q&A

My First Year As A Vegan

I’ve been vegan for a year! I’ve spoken about the process of my veganism for the past 12 months but have yet to talk about the direct thoughts and feelings I have on it. I asked YOU to ask me some personal questions. I want to use this platform to squash any concerns or worries […] Read more…

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