This workout consists of a 4-minute warm-up, 9-minute circuit in an ABAB style format. It does not include a cool down as I find most people enjoy their own style of cool down and stretching, if you want a cool down this is my top pick for a simple cool-down set.

I’ve been a little off my fitness game the past few weeks but not to worry, I’m back and I have a brand new workout for you. It’s a HIIT routine so full of cardio and combined strength moves which is perfect for blasting off the fat from your post-holiday bellies. Not that there’s anything wrong with indulging on your holls, but we all get that gloom when we return, I’m here to put the sweat into your gloom and turn it into a sparkle.

You may want (but don’t need);

  • A Tabata style timer,
  • A yoga mat,
  • A water bottle

Hit the HIIT workout

A HIIT workout is a High-intensity interval workout which consists of short burst of hard cardio and strength moves, it is not to be taken lightly or by someone who is unsure of their abilities for more information please see my terms and conditions statement. For a full understanding of the moves, if you’re unsure, you can use my workout dictionary for a full description.

Warm up:

  • A) Jogging in place
  • A) Squats
  • A) Courtsey lunge with punch outs
  • A) High knees

Pick up the pace for set B

  • B) Squat Jumps
  • B) Punching Kickouts
  • B) Burpees
  • B) Lunges With arms extended


  • Burpees with squat jump
  • High knees. Elbows tucked into waist
  • Squat leaps
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Jab-Cross Jumps (rotate each arm)

Break | Repeat twice through then break for 30 seconds and move onto the next stages.

  • Jump lunges
  • Kickouts
  • Jack Pushups
  • Burpees

Break | Repeat twice through break for 30-seconds and  complete the full 9 moves. The whole set is only 9  minutes which is super quick, if you feel you want to or can, do the full set three times through.

Remember to take a 30-second break between the full set of four, take a sip of your water but keep your body moving. Even if it’s just tapping your feet.

Enjoy 😉

I’m so glad to get back into my insanity style workouts. I’m not going to lie, I have enjoyed the time off but it really has made it twice as hard to get back into the routine. So for best results when you’re on your hols try and keep up with some basic routines to keep the blood flowing and muscles lively!

When recovering from your workouts please bare in mind that a healthy diet and protein aids muscle recovery, I use Myprotein as I have worked with them previously and they offer me amazing deals on their products. Feel free to use any of my codes throughout the site.

I hope you found this workout fun (and hard) but definitely something you could add to your weekly routine, I have thoroughly enjoyed creating this new workout and my butt is definitely paying the price for it today. If this workout doesn’t scream glutes then they will scream it for you.

Have a brilliant week,

Amy-May Hunt

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