Find love, get fat.
That’s normally the way it goes….
but when you have in interest in losing weight it’s best doing it, as I said in my “5 tips to weight loss” post, with the support of a friend, a family member or a partner.
It’s really important when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, sometimes having a person to train with can motivate you to work harder, with your competitive attitude coming to light, or even just having someone to encourage you to push harder. Support is really important.
During my lifestyle changes I’ve battled with unhealthy attitudes towards food, unhealthy diets, restrictive exercise routines and bulimia, I couldn’t have become the person I am today without the support of my loving partner, he has strengthened me when I felt weak and my devil when teaching me to control my sugary temptations


Here are my top reasons to work out with a partner;


  • Having the support of anyone is great, but the one person who knows you best knows when you can push yourself harder, and knows when to advise that you stop.
  • You have a spotter whenever you need one!
  • They will help you when you’re having an indulgent day “I’ll make you a full fat protein shake”
  • They understand when you’re 10 minutes late because you HAD to do a quick session.
  • They understand that eating out is the last option for dinner.
  • Passionate after workout sessions is unparalleled.
  • You’re both happier and appreciate a healthy meal.
  • You can vent your anger in the workout, not on each other.
  • You have a similar interest in being healthy, similar interests are strengthening.
  • You can honestly say “Do I look like I’ve gained weight” without worry, you know you’ll get an honest answer.
  • no one else understands your commitment other than the person you’re committed to, they’re committed to being healthy too
When you’re feeling tired from a workout or low from a binge day, the one person you need is your partner, so try a workout with them.
Leave a comment below of your best activity to do with a partner, nothing naughty!



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