Working out in water is nothing new. Ever since humans have had beach holidays and swimming pools we’ve  found ways to splash around in them. In the 70’s we had water aerobics, in the 90’s swimming became popular and in 2015 we had water cycling.

Aqua-fit has been around for a while, the stigma around aqua classes has always been that ‘older’ people work out in water. However, in the few classes I have attended that is not the case at all. Aqua aerobics and water classes come in a variety of different types, each having different names so please make sure you check with your local instructor what you’re class is targeting.;

  • Aqua-Fit; An intense full body workout targeting cardio, muscle definition and fat loss.
  • Aqua-Tone: A mild full body workout targeting muscle definition, light cardio intervals and balancing techniques.
  • Aqua-Dance: A very mild workout. Perfect for those who suffer with joint issues and intense workout intervals. Can also be called Aqua stretch or even Aqua-Tone.
  • Aqua-Pump: An intense upper and lower body workout. Similar to kickboxing & Aqua fit, Focusing on using the water against your muscles.
  • Aqua- Blast: An intense lower body workout. Using mostly the legs with kickboxing style intervals for a more defined butt.

The benefits

If you have never taken a water aerobics class, I highly recommend that you give it a try. Not only will you receive a great cardio workout, you might also be surprised by how much you’re working your muscles and the benefits you can gain from using the water as resistance in those movements. Working out in water gives a great balance to those who want and easy workout and for those who want to give it all they’ve got. It gives a gentle escape for those with mobility issues and arthritis.

Working out in water has masses of benefits as an adult and throughout your children’s growing stages. Giving them the confidence in water and a level of trust in you to keep them safe, it’s a brilliant bonding experience for families! Working out in water for health has great benefits for those who’re struggling with mobility or with their weight.

The water offers a Zero gravity ‘cushion’ for your exercises, helping you to balance and improve your health without the strain of working against your own body. After a few classes you’ll notice that the muscles are more agile and able to move more freely in the water then out of it. The zero gravity effects improve your flexibility whilst keeping your body cool in the water, enabling you to focus on your workout with less strain and a lower heart rate.

The real feel

I took myself down to the local pool last week. After browsing the catalogue for all the different water exercises they had listen I landed on ‘Aqua-fit’.  Whilst I was there I was definitely not feeling it. It was intense. I chose to position myself at the front of the pool, giving myself the best motivation to workout with eyes on me, pushing me further. Our instructor was very inclusive, explaining the medium move first and moving on through the difficulties. Giving each individual the option to swap it up when needed.

Giving each individual the option to swap it up when needed. After 10 minutes I was already counting down the minutes to the workout finishing.

My thighs were on fire – luckily the water quickly extinguished it. The high kicks, front kicks and bicycle moves were spread throughout the routine so your legs were constantly feeling worked.  My arms were pumping – Flapping under the water with all the force you have (or have left) after 30 seconds I was certainly feeling it and over the next 2 days I felt a bit achy. There was so much to the class, from HIIT style short intervals to the cardio blasts throughout. Each muscle was thoroughly worked. the best part of it? I wasn’t even achey afterwards. There was no soreness, aches or pains it was just good intense cardio.

What is your workout of choice? Have you ever tried a water class?

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Amy-May Hunt

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