• Brown bananas can be stored in slices for ready-to-go smoothie bags or blend them into smoothies by creating banana Ice-Cream.

  • Berries pop into your discount fruit section and you’ll notice there’s always discounted berries. They’re typically pretty pricey so saving yourself 40% can be a real bargain, especially when they’re so easy to freeze and store!

  • Veggies- Most of your vegetables can be frozen my best tip is to dry them thoroughly

  • Want to save your carrots? Cut them into slices for your Sunday roasts. Chop them into small cubes for your curries, chillis and mexican foods. Slice them into long strips for stir fries or, try something exciting and make carrot noodles.

  • Celery was always going to waste in my household. I got around it by freezing half before it goes floppy. Chop it into small cubes for chillis, curries and for a peppery kick in soups.

  • Waffles. Perhaps they’re not the most traditional of ‘cheap’ foods but with my special recipe you can create a waffle for just 20p a waffle! I make them in batches of 3 (using a full banana so I don’t waste any!) and freeze them.

  • Freeze leftovers in portioned out containers.

  • Sprouted lentils can be drained and sealed in an air-tight container, I put them in small portions so they’re ready to be used in; sandwhiches, wraps, salads or in soups!

Amy-May Hunt

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