Exercising, is such an important thing and hell yes, it’s exhausting but it’s extremely important you do it right. If you’re off flailing your arms when they should be tight to your body, that’s when injuries happen (and not to mention you look like a mad woman). So if you want to do it then do it right and keep safe.

Poor form.

One of the most important things to look out for when your exercising, not only will you not get the most out of your workouts, you’ll also risk injury. Squats, being the worst performed but they’re not the only one though. Even running is  simple but dangerous when not done properly.


You might think that working out for an hour long session once or twice a week is the best way to go. Get the muscles sore and give yourself a full week to recover. However, the metabolism and muscle recovery systems all work to repair and rebuild on the food and fluid you have in your body. A hard workout doesn’t provide our body with many nutrients once it’s done. Short bursts of exercises give your body time to repair fully.

Not to mention your lack of energy and intense hunger pains, yep. We’ve all been there after a great workout you feel the hunger set in, give yourself better odds by doing 25 minutes a day, whenever you can.

Target exercises

Unless you’re focused on a ‘clean’ diet, I mean low carbs, low-fat low food type of diet. Then target exercises aren’t going to spring your body into Michael Phelps’s over night. Targeting a body part will tone you up quickly but it takes twice as much time to repair those muscles too! An all over workout routine is much more effective in weight loss.

The wrong types of exercises for your goals.weights for a waist

Like I said with targeting, you can’t lose fat in one place. But, if your goal is to slim down your legs doing weight and squats isn’t going to get the quick results you’re after but adding any weights routine is the best way to burn fat. So for quick results do cardio but for long lasting results grab some weights. Burn the fat first and throw in some leg work to add nice tone to them. There are plenty of guides to specific areas on your body.

Thinking you’re doing enough.

This was huge for me when I first started losing weight. You’re told by the media, friends and Pinterest boards that ‘Ten minutes a day makes a change’ and yeah, it does. The problem is, I was doing ten minutes a day and still eating 1,500 calories. That means I’d lose 4lbs a year at that rate. Where as If I did 25 minutes a day at 1500 calories I’d also burn extra calories during the day along side it. I’d lose 12lbs a year (or maintain my weight).

I think you just have to push past your barriers and do more than you think you can. Throw some cardio in when you don’t want to, normally it’s the best time to do cardio!

Not looking after your body properly

Obviously, food is a massive thing when looking after your body but we talk enough about food enough here so you know enough about that. I’m talking here about stretching, warming up and really making sure you can do as much as possible to look after your body before the

Not wearing the right stuff

Having the proper sporting apparel will not only protect your feet (which is key for preventing stone bruising) and keep your chest in place it also keeps you cool. Although performance wear can be expensive it doesn’t have to be and of course helps you perform better and for longer and let’s face it.. you look better when you’re wearing the right things.

I’m such a drill Sargeant for people not performing moves correctly. Most of the time its due to muscles not being used and being unable to stretch where they need to be but, like they say “use it or lose it” and that what this is all about. Retraining your bodies to know how to exercise and whether you’re doing it correctly.

Here’s a simple workout with simple moves, keep safe.

Amy-May Hunt

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