There’s always been a lot to do around brum, We’re a large city with a large number of young and active people. So we need a lot to keep our busy minds focused! That’s where Buckt comes in. It’s offering a great selection of interesting and, hopefully, new activities for you to try in Brum!

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As a healthy living blogger, I must admit I take living within reach of the UK’s second city for granted. I do yoga in my living room and walk my dogs in the park; missing out on all the different ways to get active and have fun in Brum. I know there’s plenty of stuff out there for me to do- but there’s always a bit of the What If? Factor at play. What if we get lost, waste our money or just end up hating it!!  Needless to say, both my husband I needed a bit of a push to get out of our comfort zone, and that’s where the Buckt box comes in.

Buckt– is a brum crowdfunded started up with one aim: get everybody exploring the city (and having a lot of fun as they do it) The idea is you subscribe and every 2 months you get a box through your letterbox- jammed full of free passes, discounts and challenges to take part in! They challenged me to trying out their couple’s subscription box (usually priced at a very reasonable £45) and I decided to give it a go! My husband and I often struggle for date night ideas so this seemed the perfect solution. Our box for 2 people which contained…

  • 2 Independent Cinema Tickets (They can be used at The Electric in the city centre)
  • 2 passes to Key Hunters, an escape room in Birmingham.
  • 2 tickets to an Ice Hockey game.
  • 2 tickets to Boing Zone– a trampoline park.
  • A free court at Padel Birmingham

As you can see, when you add this little lot up it is way over the value of the box- meaning it doesn’t necessarily matter if every activity is the perfect fit for you! The cinema tickets alone would take up half the value of the box. I was so pleased that the majority of these were a great way to explore the city and keep fit! What’s more, because it was all included in the price of the box, it tended to feel ‘risk free’ and encouraged us to give things a try!

Once you’ve received your box, you book online through Buckt’s website to use your passes.

Exploring Key Hunters with our free passes

I can honestly say that after using my box, I am excited to see what the next box brings! The only thing I found an issue is that it was difficult to fit everything in! This is mainly because I didn’t manage to test anything out during the first few weeks as we were moving house. Overall, the 2 month box works perfectly as it gives you a bit of leeway if you’re having a busy period.

If you are looking for some new ideas for ways to discover Birmingham or looking to treat your other half, I honestly would give Buckt box a try. It’s inexpensive, offers a whole range of activities you’d never thought of trying and encourages you try something new every time you open it! Forget beauty boxes, I think this idea has real legs and hopefully it’ll expand to lots of cities all around the UK.

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For more info go to in collaboration with Jenna Farmer – Author, Blogger & I’m pretty sure she’s secretly wonder woman.

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