My Vegan Tuck Box Review June

I was very fortunate to have been sent out the Vegan Tuck Box for review in June.

At the same time I was also very unfortunate to have lost all of the footage and images after filming and using them – no takesy-backsies, there was no way to recover any of it as my laptop was damaged beyond repair on a mini-break in June.

I’m just the luckiest person in the world, aren’t I? Between last years nightmare holiday and this years laptop faux-pas I might as well crawl into a hole. Which I suppose I did a for a few weeks, but I’m back and I’m going to share with you all of the goodies from the box!


Come on – we all love a good meme (or Brat Pitt).

With help from the PR team from Vegan Tuckbox, I have been given permission to use the stock images in my review – which kind of makes this look more like an advert. but I assure you, I definitely had a box I’m just greedy and ate it all within 2 days and lost the pictures. I promise.

In order of amazingy-ness

    • Kuhbonbon’s – The most heavenly fudge you will eat, I scattered this at friends and family’s houses and even the fussiest of eaters *my dad* found these deliciously creamy fudge squares to be moreish and totally worth the sweet calories.
    • Nim’s Pear Crisps – They also do pineapple and apple crisps, all of which are crispy and perfectly sweet. I regularly buy these from health shops and even some big chain supermarkets.
    • Eli’s Earth bars – I struggled not to put this first but, as it’s mostly peanut butter it’s not particularly healthy but hell yeah it’s amazingly tasty. I froze mine in small chunks and added it to banana ice cream – deliciouso!
    • Snap Chocolate bar – It’s like a chocolate rice crispy bar (well it is) and it tastes amazing.
    • Pip & Nut – Initially I thought it was weird to have a squirty travel sachet but It actually came in handy for portion control, something I struggle with. I love peanut butter so never control myself.
    • HipPeas – Nothing wrong with good old puff crisps, wish they were more flavourful but for a protein-crips snack they’re pretty damn handy!
    • Caramel Crisp – The caramel and biscuit was gorgeous and not too sweet but the marshmallow tasted a bit ‘off’. I’ve not eaten marshmallow since going vegan so I think I’m still remembering what it used to taste like?
    • Cacao Almond – The chocolate isn’t as sweet as normal, I’d buy it again but it slightly missed the mark for me.
    • Choco Bites – Eh – not really a fan of coconut, though it was barely noticeable in these chocolatey snacks so I was pretty chuffed! Not as happy as Tom was when he ate the whole bag though.
    • Bruschetta – I never really thought of these as vegan as you can buy them in so many stores and aren’t really labelled as ‘vegan’ because they’re just bread. This flavour was a bit too salty for my liking and I don’t really eat bread-snacks as I suffer from mild gluten-intolerance.
    • Easy Cheesy – I was so excited to try this out but the ‘cheese’ alternative really missed the mark. It’s not thick or textured like cheese at all. The flavour was more curry sauce like (which was pretty nice) but definitely not cheese flavour.

I have really enjoyed gorging myself on these treats, but my best recommendation has to be to try Kuhbonbon’s. I think they’re really something to make people stop and realise that animal products can be substituted for natural and environmentally-animal-friendly option.

All in all the overall subscription box has a great selection of items for all pallets. I think It’s definitely a great gift for a foodie, a vegan, vegetarian or someone who just likes new things. Having a subscription to your home with foods that are tailored to your diet is really exciting – As someone who rarely gets’s presents (It’s a parental religion thing) It’s nice to get a present and know there’ll be things I like in it!

I am off for 2 weeks in the summer 13th-24th in case you’re wondering why this post is written in July about a June product…I had an issue with my laptop and lost all the files relating to the products!

Have a wonderful Summer and keep being healthy!


*The vegan box was gifted to me but, of course, has not influenced my judgment on the products or this review.


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