The festive season is upon us, so unlock your dress-up draw, take out your wigs and costumes and lets get spooky.

This…is by far my favourite time of year, from the sticky smelly pumpkins to the over gorging on cheap Halloween candy, who can say they they don’t get a thrill from throwing on a costume and acting like a child again?

I wanted to share a small selection of amazing Halloween ideas with you.
Click the title for a great board full of costume ideas for all ages and talents.
Sexy costumes, somber costumes and kids costumes! (:

Click the title for a great board full of awesome ideas for easy and tricky make-up skills.
My Makeup Tutorials:
Bullet Hole (Halloween Edition)
Bruises  ( Halloween Edition)
Alexandra Stan ( Dark Eyes)
New: Halloween Makeup tutorials.
Home take-over:
A whole host of things that are utterly terrifying or frightfully delightful for your festive Halloween parties.
Have a happy Halloween!
Luckily Halloween alls on a Friday so we get a full weekend of spooks and scares, I hope you’re all up for the amazing costumes, I shall definitely be taking part so watch out for my :

‘The aftermath of Halloween 2014’


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  1. Good luck with cutting out chocolate, I am tempted to give this a try at some point and see how I get on. I gave up chocolate for lent last year but I don’t know what other sugars I might have had instead x

    • Thank you Emma, I’ve recently created a chocolate support group on facebook (silly I know) but It’s one step closer to cutting out sugar and I know several bloggers who’re willing to try it with me. I’ll pop over to you when I can and help you out if it’s something you really want to do x

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