The average charity fundraising website either charges you 10% fee’s or a flat signing up fee up to £200 just to raise money for charity.
 If you do however sign up to these ‘charitable’ sites you’ll then be told that you can only raise money for one charity at a time, Unless you want to create several different pages. However, even then the more popular charities will get all the money and to me that is NOT right. I’m signed up to support all of these charities, equally. 

so, I’ve rebelled against this ‘fee crazy’ charity problem and made one page on a better more equal funding site that can support all of my charities and I can split the money equally, as it should always be.

Now with FREE TEE’S and HOODIES!
I’ve just set up a fitness charity page, this means you get something for your donation. 

Hi guys, I had been planning for weeks the set up of some fitness apparel for my website and as a small group some of you helped me design the tops for my business, but since then I have used the design to help raise money for four fairly unpopular charities that deserve a chance and training for the half marathon.

So, the charity tops and my design is now available to go towards the charities ( I normally sell them for 19.99 on my site) they’re now free with a £12 donation!

**They’re Only available for 28 days, 20 must be purchased for the money to get donated, as the sale doesn’t go through unless 20 people are interested in the design. If only 19 people want one no money comes out of your bank.**

The fundraising will go (hopefully) as follows:
I want to raise £200 ( I don’t expect to make a lot) as I’m not too well known in the running circuit. For;
Age UK
Children’s Cancer Trust


*Popular Choice*

With the £200 I will then split that between the 4 charities and one of your choice, 5 ways. Giving each charity an equal share. Hopefully around £40 each.
Which would be more then B-Eat would get had I set up a page just for that charity.

“Ever since I can remember I have always had a fascination with the marathon, people paying to get crammed into a relatively small street to run for a ridiculous amount of time, but they did it and they did that because they loved the charities they were running for, well.. so do I. When I was a tiny tot, we’d have breakfast and they were running, we’d have lunch and they were still running,so as a child it seemed supernatural.”

Please read my funding page so you can see how passionate I am about these charities and help me do my best at running this for them.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..