It takes a lot to put on your trainers, to get yourself up off the sofa and keep yourself motivated to be healthy. Once you get yourself in a routine of working out, eating the right foods and living healthily (enjoying yourself along the way) you’ll find that everything becomes easier. Getting a productive workout is a very important aspect of weight loss.

Doing a 30-minute workout at only 50% of your hardest work means only getting half the fat burn for twice the time!Workout productively a productive workout in water

Productive workout = Planned workout

Starting your day off properly

Workout what your routine needs to be. Have a proper meal and get started early! I have included a guide for getting the most productive start to your day which goes hand in hand with being prepared for your workout and getting the most out of it.

Having the right balance

I’m not talking about holding your sun salutation poses people! I mean, finding what works best for you for your workouts; finding the right schedule  and the right workouts means you’ll have an organised workout routine and rest time too giving you the optimal time for you. Not only should you always put in 100% everytime you workout you should have a balance in your rest time too. Which leads me to my next point…

Make the most of your recovery

Recoveries are longer then your workouts and that means they’re more important than anything else you do for yourself! A healed body means a body that can work out hard. Making sure you eat right, rest up and rehydrate. Your muscles are made out of water and protein so both are just as important! Keep strong and pop your feet up and prepare for your next productive workout – and It’ll make it easier for you to go back to your productive workouts.

Plan a productive workout that’s FUN, Interesting, keep it new

We all love to try something new. Our bodies do too, they respond better new workouts and exercises. Using new muscles each day gives the body better recovery time and more time to spend burning those calories, a more varied routine offers quicker and more efficient results.

Join a gym- Gyms have more flexible training opportunities. Different machines, different styles of well-formed and productive workout plans.

Try a class- I recently tried aqua tone and I’ve done body combat before too!

Buy some dvd’s – The shops are bursting with low impact workout dvd’s to get you started.Workout productively a productive workout in water

 Keep it short

Why? Because pushing your body for prolonged periods of time mean longer recovery periods but more than that – Your body will burn the majority of your additional fat after 10 minutes. The caloric burn from that short blast lasts for 10-20 minutes during your additional (and more productive workout ) time. So, your gym session’s that last any longer than 30? They’re not helping as much as you’d have liked!

Three-minute sequence on an electronic stationary bicycle — 30 seconds of punishing, all-out pedaling followed by a brief rest, repeated five or six times — led to the same muscle-cell adaptations as 90 to 120 minutes of prolonged bike riding.

Plan ahead, know how long you want to workout for and give yourself a goal to achieve


Be your best

It speaks for itself really, if you want to have a more productive workout. Be productive!

There is nothing stopping you from achieving your goals than yourself. Whether your 10st or 20st, time is testimony to the effort you put in. It could take a year to get fully fight-fit but you will be doing it at the right pace and in a healthy way. I have written a guide explaining why pushing yourself to your limits (in short bursts) is the best way to get results. For more information on quick workouts vs long gym sessions. Get off your sofa, get your trainers on and stop making excuses. It’s never too cold – get warm. It’s never too late – Start now.

Put in 100% Always.

Amy-May Hunt

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  1. Some great advice there, thanks. I agree with you, that it definitely helps to switch things around and try new forms of exercise. It’s great if you can get the family involved, too.

  2. This makes for a really interesting read. My main form of exercise is the walking I do with the kids – I’d love to be able to go to the gym but don’t have the time. I need to take up some high intensity training at home I think.

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