Summer Sins; How to avoid weight gain this summer


I mean…Summer.

This time of year is pretty much a nightmare for most of us foodies (If I do say so myself). Whilst the weather is hot and our clothes are small we tend to over indulge. Summer is a time for enjoying ourselves, of course, but when our wallets are bursting from our 2-week stay in Magaluf, so are our zips and buttons.

We get hungry.

Each Summer more than 80% of us will be dropping our diets and ignoring sugar, fat and any form of calorie control. Vegetables? Who needs them, right?

If you’re looking for some tips on planning your meals & staying motivated read this daily planning article. If you’re here for some warning signs of the summer snack habits. Keep your eyes open for these;


Here are the biggest faux pas for our summer diets.

Having unachievable goals

The issue with aiming to be ‘fit’ and healthy for summer is that most people over-stretch their will power and take short cuts. Leading to food cravings, calorie deficient diets and overworked bodies from intensive workouts.

Taking a slower and longer approach to health and wellness enables the body and mind to adapt and make healthier choices much easier.

  • It takes 2 weeks to form a habit
  • It takes 4 weeks to notice a change in your body
  • It takes 8 weeks for others to notice

Taking a slower approach means you can plan and learn the best ways to adapt your eating and workout habits to best suit you. Find motivational pushes to keep you on track, instagrammers, foodies, workout motivation etc and find an achievable goal like ‘I want to lose an inch in 8 weeks’.

 Summer food

It’s everywhere!

This is a huge issue; from the local stores marketing campaign, online media and even the local Icecream van. We’re bombarded with sugary foods; IceCreams, Ice lollies, Cold drinks, Doughnuts, Candy Floss, Popcorn and chocolate bars! Read this, If you want some tips on avoiding social media weight gain!

You could try adding some ‘whole food’ Instagrammers to keep your health inspiration on track!

Eating in bulk & Social Events

When the weather is warmer we want to be out and about. Enjoying the sun and filling our bellies. Ordinary we restrict our diet in preparation for our summer bodies but the second summer comes around we get a bit hungry. We start eating larger meals or snacking (on sugary food) throughout the day.

Eating out is a huge part of the summer, either for social events or a romantic night on the lake district so be aware of indulging at these events. Foods we eat when we’re dining out aren’t typical to our diets (or are larger than necessary) so more often than not you’ll be consuming more calories than your normal needs;

  • Barbeque’s
  • Family meet up’s
  • Buffets
  • Mediterranean dining – small tasters

For most of these all you need to do is plan ahead. Have control and plan what your willing to allow yourself; 800 calories, perhaps only 500 but you’ll have a glass of wine too?

Tip; Take your favourite food with you in bulk, allow others to try your food and engage them in eating healthier. That way the conversation of you ‘not eating their food’ needn’t come up. This works well for those who have digestion issues or strict dietary needs.

Lazy in the heat 

Along with being dehydrated, tired and overheated sometimes we are so tired of strict diets and workout routines that we become a bit lazy by the time summer comes round. A lot of the time summer can be a long awaited dream and a nightmare in reality.

Forgetting that the heat blares in summer we end up sacrificing our workout routines and become more lethargic in the heat. We end up standing around family events, sunbathing or boozing in beer gardens (not all bad things but we still need to stay active) – if you want tips on staying motivated (and safe) during summer read my summer workout tips.

Tip: Workout early or later in the evenings when the temperature is lower.

Try adding one of the top health apps to keep your workouts on track!

Not drinking enough water, especially on hot days

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again water will always make a weight loss and health list.

It is the utmost importance and yet it’s often neglected. At any time of year we need to be constantly fueling our bodies with water but even more so in summer. When we sweat more we need to top the water up in our bodies (and not with booze).  Water and squash are the best choices for the job. 8 Glasses of water per day is reccomended- if you workout then add an extra glass per 15 minutes.

Tip: Why not try flavoured ice cubes or making your own ice lollies? Or buy a bottle that contains 20% of your needs and top it up throughout the day to keep you on track.


We might be more active in summer but no amount of activity can make up for a poor diet. Remember, diet is key and the rest will follow.

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