I’m back and with some top Lanzarote attractions to boot!!

well, sort of kinda back. I’m still on hiatus for the rest of August because it’s hott and I didn’t bring crop-tops so my laptop can appreciate the lace detail. I’m going to enjoy the summer (whilst it lasts) and perhaps have another sneaky getaway at the end of August.

The Algarve perhaps.. we’ll see.

And before you get thinking I’ve overhauled the website. I haven’t, it’s still a healthy-motivating blog I just like to share my personal experiences with you. As you may, or may not know, each year I go away for most of July, read all about last year’s nightmare. Each time I book last minute using budgeting techniques to grab a bargain. Usually around £200-£400 off.

This year we went to Lanza!

Lanzarote attractions were top priority as I began my research. With only 21 day’s from booking to flying it was a short-dated holiday. With my determination and a bit of a squeeze on our budget, we managed to get 10 nights, all inclusive in a spa hotel in Lanzarote.

Not my ideal destination but it was warm and it was 20% off! I did my research on Lanzarote attractions and made a trip advisor guide for things to do in Lanzarote and was happy that that was the destination for us.

Top Lanzarote Attractions

Lanzarote attractions are not few and far between. It is bountiful! has plenty to do even though it’s a small island.The islands one method of income is from their hotels so you’ll find most of the attractions and excursions are free and easily accessible. Whether you’re looking for a taste of culture, some natural beauty or a bit of family fun.

For some bizarre reason, Castillo De Las Colorado has wrangled it’s way to the top of the list on trip advisor. That’s not to say it doesn’t make for a great photo opp with it’s beautiful structure located on an almost cut off cliff – wowsa. It’s just that there’s nothing there. It’s just a small Castillo with a tiny tourist information board and that’s all. –FREE


An awe-inspiring stretch of volcanic wasteland: a desolate and bleak monument to the power of Mother Nature. The half-day tour offers an exciting artistic approach to this natural wonder with dramatic music and a winding road that loops over the volcanos paths – every second is filled with suspense.

Feel the heat for yourself by visiting Timffanyana’s cafe and holding the volcanic rock. See my full TripAdvisor review.

-£10 Per Person


Submarine Tours in Puerto Calero

A real dive in a real submarine. A truly Underwater Experience of a Lifetime. Lanzarote is characterised by its unique volcanic landscape marked by stunning geological formations. However, it is far from appearing barren. The island is a spectacular example of a volcanic ecosystem, which has earned the island the title of being a “Biosphere Reserve.

This is a more pricey excursion and it only lasts for around 20 minutes but on a good day the value can be well worth it! Other wise I’d suggest my snorkelling guide below.

You can read my full review of this brilliant excursion.

-£55 per person


There are so many catamaran tours and boat tours in Lanzarote after all their marine life is vast and extremely beautiful. Why not enjoy it from the luxury of a boat? For four hours you get food and drinks included and dives into the ocean Ranging from £40-£90 depending on seasons and availability.

-£50 for 4 hours.


Lanzarote attractions off the beaten track

As most of the resorts are on the East-coast of the island I’m happy to include some popular places that aren’t accessible unless you hire a car or buy an excursion with a holiday provider.With 93 beaches of all types from Black Rocks through to Fine White sand and an enviable climate; as far as Lanzarote and Lanzarote attractions go, it is a beach lover’s paradise.  There are some superb stretches of sand in all of the main resorts but the real gems require a little more effort to discover.

Lanzarote attractions - Green lagoon

El Verde

A natural wonder, the green lagoon has been flooded with an algae that tints the naturally crystal clear waters, green! You wouldn’t believe how green the water is from just the image alone. It’s an ultra-green glow and I would love to see the lagoon lit up at night. And whilst you’re there you can pop over and visit el restaurant!

-Cost of a Car rental

El Lago Restaurant

Fancy the freshest fish? By the sea between Arrieta and Punta Mujeres, El Lago is a smartish restaurant that sits on the harbour Let the friendly waiters advise you about the local fish varieties that are similar to bass and bream. Though it’s not one for me, being veggie, we were told of this fantastic adventure on one of our day-tours on the other side of the island.

– The cost of car hire and £14-ish per person.


Teguise is one of the only original cities left since the eruptions on the island 150 years ago. Located in the centre of the island, around 40 minutes from Playa Blanca by car. The city was founded in the 15th century, in the centre and it was the original capital of Lanzarote. Handsome colonial mansions line the cobbled streets, where there is a busy market on Sundays. It’s a very quite and calm city but beautiful for those who enjoy a nice lunch and a stroll.

-Cost of renting a car


Montana Roja

It’s a huge part of Playa Blanca, literally, but it’s not used as a tourist attraction. There aren’t any paths or walkways so it’s not advised to most walkers and I would definitely not advise families to go up. However, if you’re a strong walker and don’t might tracking up the mountain this could have some great photo-stop potential!

[You can also see it in the picture below]




Papagayo Beaches

There are three of them, individual coves and one long stretch of beach covers the peak of Playa Blanca before it reaches Calero, it covers around 1/3 of Playa Blanca. It’s a gorgeous and absolute must-see if you’re a beach bum or someone who appreciates beautiful views. Each beach is different and offers unique views if you’re able to get down steep climbs you might be able to sneak into one of the cutoff beaches, around 10 meters wide where locals will often sneak off to.

Pack a lunch, towels and maybe a pop-up chair as this place offers no amenities!

The last beach on the peak (Pictured) is the most beautiful, in my opinion, it’s more secure and has calmer waters but it can get very busy in peak times with families and snorkelers enjoying the calm water.



Rubicon Harbour

Rubicon is an amazing spot for a bit of light shopping and some brunch next to the marina. They have designed the marina to be a beautiful spot for eating, they have installed fish ponds and waterfalls for spectacular views. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, there’s a buzzing market which is bound to tickle the fancy of any type of tourist. Trinkets and beauty remedies and clothing!



There is plenty to do. Lanzarote attractions mostly focus around the sea life but, whatever your holiday preference is you can find something for you!


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