Not another review – Oh but yes. 31 Dover sent over the spring selection which includes my favourite tipple. Hee Joy Spiced Rum!
I’m not a huge drinker but when I have a drink I want it to be something I can really enjoy. That being said, it’s spring. Time to bring out the pitchers and punch bowls ladies and gents. The barbeques are coming out and so are the slow-drinks.
Teaming up with 31 Dover is always a pleasure. We have previously worked on Twisted nose gin but like I said, Rum is one of my favourite drinks (next to gin that is).

Hee Joy Spiced Rum

Super smooth with a gentle sweetness. Definitely a drink you could have (and I have) had by itself. Its also great with lemonade and mixers. I’ve had this with lemonade and cranberry juice, coke and cranberry’s by far my favourite. If I had a cherry liqueur I would have indulged in this far more but – I have some control.


Hee Joy Spiced Rum bottle PurelyAmy

Pinkster Gin

You’ll know my feelings about Gin anyway but a flavoured gin is always a happy addition to my liquor cabinet. My peppered gin was delicious, I still have a good half of a bottle as I’m too stingy to get it out for most occasions. This Pink gin is subtley sweet with a slight hint of fruit to it so completely opposite to any of the more savour gins I’ve tried before. It really holds its own with a dash of lemonade or tonic water however, with a dash of cranberry (yes, an on going theme) this really is a gorgeous drink.
I ran out of strawberries to photograph – pesky kids eating all my fruit.


Why I write boozy reviews on a health site

Because I want too – Short answer

I enjoy a good quality wine or a delicate bubbly but when it comes down to it, guzzling a glass every day is not something I do (Or advise). Especially being someone who promotes healthy living I could never advise going out drinking but at the same time. Having a healthy enjoyment of things is positive, let yourself relax and enjoy what you want but do it in moderation.Drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight or achieve your goals. if it’s one of your weekly enjoyments then do it. Just be aware of the changes it can make in your motivation and aspirations.

Think of it this way – A treat is something you have in moderation. Like Ice cream you have it once in a while because you don’t have to limit yourself, you enjoy it but if you have too much you know it’s wrong and you wake up with a headache. – Long answer

Hope you all enjoy your time in the sun and for those that are off for your easter holls make sure you enjoy yourself. The six weeks holidays are still a few months away #makethemostofit.

Amy-May Hunt

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