Six years of Blogging. My sixth-year blogaversary.This relationship has been going on for so long I could have a child back-chatting me as we speak! Last year I celebrated it  with some poorly formed cupcakes and a lazy day at home but this year.

Whoah, this year is different.

I’m going back in time

When photos like this seemed to be ‘classy’

To see what the blog was like – How I’ve really changed my blog and my writing style. What better way to celebrate my blog with some good old-fashioned mockery.

You see. Way back then, I found myself writing endless weight loss diaries and to be honest? I wasn’t putting much content out that had real substance. So, instead, I looked to different styles to find an audience. Let’s say, the first three years were a blip of non existence. I had no Idea facebook blog groups were a thing, twitter was just a new fad I hadn’t even signed up to.  I’d been was publishing to blogger but not sharing my work through social media or to anywhere that could find people to read it. I had no views or comments for the first 18 months but that was fine by me (and also understandable when I look back at the content).

My first 10 posts are/were atrocious but they have shaped the site over time (thankfully).

I’m not pulling any punches about how appalling my writing was. I really didn’t know how to form a sentence! Commas were my full stops and full stops were non-existent. Shall I start on the pictures? They’re sporadic and fill the page. Don’t even get me started on the lighting and poor quality.

What was I thinking?

I’m happy to say my photography skills have picked up..

I have deleted some posts from the good old days so we’re going as far back as I can. Most seem to be from around 2011 and only contain around 200 words. which for me is really low. My typical blog post now is normally around 800-1,200 words! The next few posts are the first that come up in the archive (you can find them in the sidebar).

My first post – Milan fashion week:

F-F-Fashion baby!


For some reason, I wanted to express my love of fashion (or at least pretend I had a love of fashion). I am not a fashionista at all, never have been and never will be. Ah! Look I included men’s wear, to appeal to everyone, and yet still criticise everything in here.

Why even bother to write it up If I don’t like what I’m talking about? “I don’t like this belt”.

Back in 2011, I had found that all the blogs I had come across were fashion based, so I naturally naively assumed that that’s what people wanted to read.

My first fitness post – February my diet & health update.

Ah look – It’s the beginning of my journey!

Even though this post is little more than a list it makes me so nostalgic to think of how hard I was trying to be where I am today. I remember crying myself to sleep telling myself “I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll make it, I’ll be healthy”.

My efforts were always in vain, I didn’t realise how hard weight loss was and what needed to be done to achieve it. That first 14lbs was a nightmare. Once I hit 10st It all got a lot easier and my love for health and fitness came to life.

My first ‘healthy’ recipe – Low-calorie buttercream

Still within that first month of blogging. I was back in the days of baking cakes each week and I wanted to adapt a recipe to be healthier (this was before my nutritional training, of course). My first big baking breakthrough was to alter butter cream.

What amazing things do you think I could whip up to create a healthier and lower calorie butter cream?



That’s right folks, the health conscious diet-friendly blogger who once advocated adding flour to make something healthier. I’m just as shocked as you are.The post it’self is choc-full with spelling mistakes and grooovy fonts.

What have I learnt?

It’s been really hard to not go through and edit the post to improve them but eh, that’s half the fun isn’t it?

So, It’s been a long, long-long-long journey to get here. Six years down the line I still really love it, spending every spare minute I have developing recipes or writing something up for you and I really can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Six years! It’s really astounding. I’ve learnt a lot about blogging and a lot about myself. Changing my diets, my habits and becoming a more proactive and positive person. I have written up a full post on but really, today is just about hanging in here with all the new bloggers rushing by and finding fame I’m still quite happy to have my little corner of the internet.

To Celebrate my 6th year blogging I wanted to offer YOU something. For putting up with my long blog posts about why chickpeas are good for you and how Instagram can help you lose weight. They’re not the most riveting of topics but they’re what I love to talk about. Anyway, This is a treat for you noodleheads like myself. I have teamed up with the very wonderful Mr.Lee’s noodles.

I know, a carby treat for us all eh? But they’re actually super nutritious compared to other ready-meal noodles. I was super excited to tuck into these but, they have actual chicken in them (not flavoured!) So if you’re here for the vegany goodness you could have the 2 and then give the rest away to family and friends maybe? They have 2 vegan flavours; Mushroom and Veg.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


So again, Thank you for stopping by!

What was your first post? Did you make any hilarious mistakes

Amy-May Hunt

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  1. I love the Hong kong street beef, they are very tasty! I don’t have a blog but love to follow and read lots of blogs as much as possible.

  2. Happy blog birthday! I haven’t tried these noodles before but I like the sound of the mushroom one 🙂 I have a blog ( but I took a break for university last year and haven’t got back into it, but I’ve got lots of exciting ideas for it so it’s just time to take the plunge again 🙂

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