Month: July 2011

Tuesday’s Toots – DIY Bow T-Shirt

Post By MissieMai Bow Tastic! So as you all know tutorial tuesday is upon us and i still don’t have a video recorder set up, i want a high quality one so i’m still browsing, however i found this cute tutorial i thought i’d share with you so let’s have a look.  What you’ll need: […] Read more…

What is an Epilator and how does it work?

The Epilator It sounds so, robotic and futuristic, hmmm..weird. So Anyway, beauty is everything and so it has been since the 90’s, screw the 80’s and natural beauty, we want fake b–bs,bums and tums.. Anyway..  My mum’s always said that shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker and darker but that’s not true, here […] Read more…

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